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5 games that we dare you to play on Halloween

Submitted by on Sunday, 28 October 2012No Comment

To be honest, we’ve never really understood Halloween at PS3 Attitude. As they grow up, children are understandably told time and time again to never ever accept sweets from strangers. Oh, apart from on Halloween, that is, when this kind of behaviour is positively encouraged. Madness!

But we digress. Halloween is also a great excuse to play some of the scariest games on PS3, so we dare you to make it through as many of our chosen titles as you can.

Costume Quest

When discussing games to play on Halloween, we guess it makes sense to start with a game that’s actually about that specific occasion. It also happens to be utterly adorable. Costume Quest stars young twins Reynold and Wren, one of whom is kidnapped while out trick-or-treating, leaving the other to battle monsters, save their sibling, and get back home before curfew.

Fair enough, Costume Quest doesn’t exactly include many scares, but you’ll be grateful for these warm, cuddly memories after you play the rest of the titles on this list. Trust us.

inFamous: Festival of Blood

If there was one thing missing in inFamous 2, it was vampires, so it’s awesome that Sucker Punch took the time to fix that blatant omission for inFamous: Festival of Blood. It’s clear the developer had great fun putting this standalone, non-canon story together, which tells the tale of a vampire called Bloody Mary, who has a bit of a thing for series protagonist, Cole.

By ‘thing’, we mean his blood is used to reawaken her corpse, leaving him with only a few hours until he is in her power forever; no pressure then. It’s a funny, tense and entertaining adventure that makes for a welcome addition to any PSN library.

Dead Space

Why is it that survival horror franchises always sell out and eventually become straight action titles? It happened with Resident Evil 6, and it’ll most likely happen with Dead Space 3 in February too.

Don’t worry about that just yet though, because there’s no better way to spend Halloween than playing the original Dead Space with all the lights in the house switched off. Those pesky Necromorphs can be pretty quiet when they want to be, so there’s nothing scarier than turning around to find one standing right in front of you. Quick, shoot its legs off!

Siren: Blood Curse

Siren: Blood Curse remains arguably the scariest game on PS3, and also one of the most underrated titles on the console. While most modern survival horrors are more like survival shooters, in Siren the best solution is normally to run, so you’re never too far away from a potential death.

The innovative ‘sight jack’ feature is where most of the scares come from though; this allows you to see through the eyes of your enemies, which is particularly terrifying when you see yourself! And if the seemingly never-ending army of Shibito doesn’t scare the living daylights out of you, then the game’s nine gigabyte download on PSN definitely will!

Dead Rising 2

Frankly, if you’ve survived against murderous zombies in a creepy Japanese village (okay, yes, we know Shibito aren’t technically zombies), then you’ve earned the right to speed around Fortune City in a weaponised wheelchair while wearing women’s clothing; in other words, you’ve earned the right to play Capcom’s completely bonkers zombie kill ‘em up, Dead Rising 2.

Of all the titles we’ve listed here, Dead Rising 2 is the game that gives you the most freedom in terms of how you play it. You can simply speed through the main story missions, become a hero by rescuing any survivors you find, or spend the whole time slicing the hell out of zombies using a kayak paddle with two attached chainsaws (we choose the latter every time).

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