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Let’s Fish: Hooked On fishing for an exclusive Vita release date late 2012

Submitted by on Tuesday, 2 October 2012No Comment

Sony is helping Wired Productions bring Let’s Fish: Hooked On exclusively to the PlayStation Vita with a release date said to be in late 2012, with an official announcement in a few weeks.

If the packart revealed on Facebook is any indication worth following, then Let’s Fish!: Hooked On is coming to PSN and retail. The game has also been touted as being developed by the men behind Sega Bass Fishing. While this may be true, we wait with baited breath to get our hands on the game before forming an early opinion.

Wired Productions is on Twitter as well, currently pushing the game at a relatively steady pace with the occasional high resolution in-game image of the landscapes you’ll be frequenting as you scope out a good fishing spot.

They have been especially coy about new developing information, as they prepare to unveil something themselves within the days and weeks to come. Check out the gallery of screenshots they’ve released thus far. Tell us what conclusions you draw from them about Let’s Fish: Hooked On for PS Vita.