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PS3 Attitude’s PSM picks – Loot the Land/Twist Pilot

Submitted by on Thursday, 11 October 2012No Comment

PlayStation Mobile is finally with us, and launched with over 20 titles that can be played on both PlayStation Vita and any PlayStation Certified Android device. With so many games to choose from, and more promised every week, it’s hard to know which are worth your time, so PS3 Attitude is here to give our opinion on the best PS Mobile titles so far.

Today, PS3 Attitude is looking at two very different but equally entertaining PS Mobile puzzle games; Loot the Land by Playerthree and Twist Pilot by Crash Lab.

Loot the Land

The most expensive of our six picks, Loot the Land may not be as much of an impulse buy as our other featured games, but the block-matching title is still worth your attention, thanks to its charming visuals and fun gameplay.

In Loot the Land, the task is to plunder villages as quickly as possible, in order to unlock the gold medal in each of the eighteen levels. Gameplay itself takes place on a 5×8 grid, with the player’s task being to draw lines of adjacent items, be it Vikings, monsters, coins or mana potions.

Along the bottom of the screen, you can see the progress of your warriors; with every item-match, they move to the right, the aim being to reach the village at the end of their path. Mana can be spent on Runes to give you temporary powers.

Along their path, your men will often run into debilitating effects or obstacles, such as spiders (tap their webs to make them disappear) or drunkenness (shake the device to get rid of vomit). The main mechanic is incredibly simple, so these obstacles add some nice variety to gameplay.

Apart from anything else, Loot the Land is one of the best looking PSM games currently available, and can easily stand toe-to-toe with full PSN Vita games. It’s a bit of a shame about the £3.19 price, because a slightly lower cost would have made it much easier to recommend.

Twist Pilot

Twist Pilot is the first game from Crash Lab, a new studio formed by three industry veterans formerly of Rare and Free Radical Design. Essentially a clone of the Game Boy Advance title Kuru Kuru Kururin, the trio’s initial release offers fantastic replayability at a great price.

You play as a red, er, thing called Phil (no, we’re not making this up), who is constantly rotating. Your job is to direct Phil through each level by swiping your finger across the screen to guide him, doing your best to avoid walls, spiders and other obstacles.

Getting hit too much in a short space of time will reduce Phil’s health to zero, failing the level. On certain levels, you can collect power-ups to give Phil timed abilities, such as Shrink, which reduces his size, and Fast, which increases his rotation speed.

Finding all the rings in a level and beating the target time will give you stars, and once all of a chapter’s stars have been earned, you unlock platinum mode; fiendishly difficult time challenges that reward you with a level’s platinum star if beaten.

Twist Pilot is arguably the most complete PSM game so far. The 72 levels are more than worth the £2.79 price, as the unlockable stars and in-game achievements mean there’s a lot of content here. Online leaderboards would have made this already great little game even better.

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