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5 coats that would keep us warm this winter

Submitted by on Sunday, 25 November 2012No Comment

There are at least a dozen titles for 5 Games That articles floating around PS3 Attitude at any one time, so this week we thought we’d dig out one of our more obscure (read: crazy) ideas. Specifically, with winter very nearly upon us, we’ve been discussing five videogame characters’ coats we’d like to wear during this coldest of seasons (yeah, told you it was obscure).

Ezio’s robes from Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

Considering getting blood on his clothes must be a frequent occupational hazard for Ezio, the choice of white for his robes is interesting to say the least. Having said that, we’ve never seen any blood on him, so we can only assume sixteenth-century Rome has an excellent dry cleaner.

The hood is also well worth noting. Not only is it perfect for keeping Ezio’s identity hidden while he’s assassinating prominent figures around Renaissance Italy (which he has a habit of doing); it also comes in extremely handy when it rains. We’re not sure how often Rome suffers a downpour, but it sure would be useful in the UK right now.

Adam’s leather jacket from Deus Ex: Human Revolution

It’s official; no one rocks a leather jacket like Adam Jensen, the protagonist of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Well, that’s with the possible exception of Keanu Reeves, but the general terribleness of every single Matrix game precludes him from appearing on this list.

However, a quick look on the official Deus Ex website reveals that Jensen’s coat isn’t even made of leather; instead, the shell is actually 77% cotton and 23% nylon (very specific there, Eidos Montreal!). Our best guesses are that either Adam is a dedicated member of PETA, or cows have finally become extinct by 2027. Oh god, no more hamburgers!

Corvo’s outfit from Dishonored

To be honest, we could probably do without the creepy mask, but Dishonored’s Corvo Attano still gets a spot on this list because the rest of his ensemble just looks so damn comfortable. It’s got to be a stressful job being an assassin, but at least he won’t have to worry about freezing his privates off during a stakeout.

That must be extremely welcome, because Dunwall doesn’t exactly come across as the warmest of places. Arkane Studios based the city on nineteenth-century London, so to be fair that isn’t really a surprise; they’ve got the damp and dreary look absolutely down to a tee.

Dante’s threads from DmC: Devil May Cry

As we type, we can almost hear the angry shouts from indignant Devil May Cry fanboys who disagree with our inclusion of new Dante’s jacket here instead of the original Dante’s. But the simple fact is this; it pains us to say it, but DmC Dante just looks so much cooler than his predecessor (please don’t hate us for saying that!).

For one thing, he doesn’t have white hair; at least, not most of the time. We’d love to know why Japanese game designers are so obsessed with white hair; all it does is make characters look much older than they are. But anyway, what’s this article about again? Oh yeah, we like his coat too.

Snow’s trenchcoat from Final Fantasy XIII

Judging by how small his girlfriend Serah looks when standing beside him, FFXIII’s Snow Villiers surely must be about ten foot tall. His signature trenchcoat is therefore not so much a coat as a marquee, so it’s got to be big enough for pretty much the entire PS3 Attitude team to fit under; you know, for garden parties and stuff.

We also like the way he’s accessorised by hanging a scarf from his waist. Yes, it would probably be much more useful around his neck, but Final Fantasy characters have never let practicality get in the way of looking fabulous, so they aren’t about to start now.

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