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Dyad finally releasing in Europe tomorrow

Submitted by on Tuesday, 6 November 2012No Comment

Awesome racing/puzzle/shooter/music game Dyad was released exclusively on PSN way back in July; at least, it was if you live in North America, while European gamers have been waiting nearly four months now. Therefore, it’s extremely exciting to be able to say that the title is finally coming to Europe tomorrow.

Speaking on the PS blog, the creator of Dyad, Shawn McGrath, apologised to European PSN users for the delay, and announced a 30% discount for the game by way of a peace offering. PlayStation Plus users can also take advantage of a further 20% off, for an overall discount of 50% – not too shabby!

In our review, PS3 Attitude described Dyad as ‘the Journey of tube racing games’, and that ‘if you stick with Dyad for long enough to sample the first five gameplay mechanics, you’ll be hooked’. It’s essentially Tempest for a new generation, and is a must-download for gamers who want to play something a little different. If you still need convincing, the above trailer launched alongside the game’s original US release earlier in the year.

While it’s brilliant to finally be able to play Dyad, we should probably point out that European PSN users are still waiting for Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Retro City Rampage, the YouTube app, and a handful of other titles. But still, good news about Dyad, right?