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GAME to offer reward points for PSN Trophies

Submitted by on Monday, 5 November 2012One Comment

In what can only be described as a genius move by the UK retailer, GAME has announced that they will soon be offering reward points for PSN Trophies and Xbox Achievements, as part of their newly revamped loyalty card scheme.

Specific details are very thin on the ground at the moment, but the service will work by linking your PSN ID and/or Xbox Live Gamertag to your GAME account (which can be done using the company’s new smartphone app). Then, whenever you earn a Trophy or Achievement on PS3, PS Vita or Xbox 360, reward points will be added to your card, for money off future purchases.

For obvious reasons, we’d imagine you won’t receive a huge amount of points per accolade earned, but just the fact that Trophies and Achievements now have any form of monetary value (at least in the UK) is surely something to get excited about.

Quite frankly, we were very cynical when we were first told about this in-store, so we contacted customer service who confirmed that the reward scheme is indeed real, and that existing GAME account holders will soon receive email updates in regard to this.

We have no idea how GAME managed to negotiate this deal with Sony and Microsoft, but there can be no doubt that this is a potentially major boon for the struggling videogames retailer.