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PS3A PlayTime – week of 5 November, 2012

Submitted by on Monday, 12 November 2012No Comment

Come join us once a week where we prove that our spare time isn’t entirely consumed by pounding away at a keyboard, but also by mashing the buttons of our DualShock 3s and Vitas. What games have we been playing? What cool adventures have we been on? It’s PlayTime!

As we prepare for the busiest shopping day of the year, so do the retailers. North America and Europe will be benefitting from their stores deals and its interesting to see how early some people will wait in line to cheap HDTV or Blu-ray player.

While Nintendo’s first HD console release fast approaches, PS3 Attitude worry not for there is no impending doom on technology we already have in our hands. This is why we play Vita so much and we’ll be enjoying our own brand of second-screen gameplay soon enough.

Movies are hitting the box office hard these past couple weekends and Majiesto tells us which ones you should be watching. Our news and our views take center stage in this week’s PlayTime. Let’s take a look at the posts of the past seven days:

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What I’m playing: I’m still playing Zen Pinball 2 from time to time in order to keep up my Pro Score and try for the top score on the Spider-man table, but my resolve is weakening. I’ve also had a blast playing LittleBigPlanet Karting this week on the PS3.

Accomplishments: LBPK is chock full of memorable moments. Of course, have earned a bunch of trophies with it being a new game on the system, but some of the best moments have gone unrewarded in terms of virtual silverware. Huge fun – totally recommend that everyone plays this game.

What I’m watching and reading: I’ve been keeping up with Hunted, but otherwise haven’t had much time for TV or movies.

majiesto PS3A PlayTime week of 10 September, 2012Majiesto

What I’m playing: Did a little digging through my PS+ backlog by playing some NFL Blitz and Borderlands this week.

Accomplishments: Found a Darksiders II Collector’s Edition at the store the other day and since it has been sold out everywhere, I decided it was worth picking up. The Death mask that comes with it is definitely awesome…

What I’m watching and reading: Saw Lincoln and Daniel Day-Lewis gives one mesmerizing performance. With that, Skyfall, and Wreck-It Ralph this winter is looking fantastic for theaters.

stefhutch PS3A PlayTime week of 10 September, 2012Stefhutch20

What I’m playing: Dead or Alive 5, Final Fantasy XIII, LittleBigPlanet PS Vita, Smart As…

Accomplishments: I’m up to 260 titles out of the 300 I need to unlock the final playable character on Dead or Alive 5. I only have the ridiculously time consuming titles left, so this better be worth it!

What I’m watching and reading: Still making my way through the Robert Langdon trilogy, but Dan Brown’s books tend to be longer than the Bible, so it’s a slow process. Good, though!

Nick avatar 100x1001 PS3A PlayTime week of 10 September, 2012KosmoCrisis

What I’m playing: When Vikings Attack, Need For Speed Most Wanted, LEGO Batman 2, Resistance Burning Skies

Accomplishments: I scooped up When Vikings Attack for less than $7 on PS3 and Vita. Played that for over an hour and haven’t unlocked a single trophy! I’m one trophy from completing LEGO Batman 2. Burned through a few more levels and silver/gold trophies in Resistance on Vita. But the cream of the crop has been Need For Speed Most Wanted.

What I’m watching and reading: I drove to San Francisco this weekend to watch the new 007 Skyfall in IMAX. It…was…epic! I think, nay, I know I’m getting a new tv now.


What I’m playing: Assassin’s Creed III, Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Medal of Honor: Warfighter, Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz, Dead or Alive 5, Sonic Generations, Jak and Daxter HD Collection.

Accomplishments: Frustrating, but also somewhat funny, but there was a glitch in AC3 that prevented someones mouth from moving in a cutscene, so he was shouting and just looked totally at ease, but slightly annoyed with me as if it was my fault he muted.

What I’m watching and reading: How I Met Your Mother, PlayStation Access. Read Poison Study which was enjoyable, now reading its sequel.