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Resident Evil: Revelations making its way to PS3?

Submitted by on Saturday, 24 November 2012One Comment

Resident Evil: Revelations, currently exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS, may be making its way to the PS3 if this link to the Koreans Rating Board holds any truth. (Via NeoGAF, where one user has awesome Capcom game-finding skills.)

If this means more Jill Valentine in HD then we are fully supporting this.

Revelations had been hailed as a return to survival-horror for the series so HD console owners felt left out knowing they were missing out on what some would deem a ‘true’ Resident Evil title. Sadly, it did not sell very well whilst Resident Evil 5 and 6, which we are huge fans of, did and so more action in future titles was a sensible choice for Capcom.

Now it seems that Capcom has realised that we would still like to play Revelations, especially as fan favourite Jill Valentine was absent from RE6, and may be bringing it to HD consoles soon.

We are interested to see how a 3DS game would look in HD and what would be done for it to be successful, but we’re mostly looking forward to killing zombies and monsters. (With our windows boarded up, of course, so zombies can’t exact their revenge on us.)

Would you play Revelations if it comes to PS3? Let us know in the usual place below.