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Need For Speed Most Wanted demo does a burnout on PSN today

Submitted by on Tuesday, 13 November 2012One Comment

When Need For Speed Most Wanted came out at the end of October, there was only the PS Plus exclusive timed trial for you to try if the top of the fence was your place. Two weeks later EA will finally unleash the official demo bringing with it a couple neat features.

Its clear that EA had to be sure the demo was solid before releasing it, but usually demos come out before the actual game. Remember those Official PlayStation Magazine demo discs? Those would usually contain demos of games well before the final version was even close to being consumer ready.

As seen in the above trailer for the PS3 demo of Need For Speed (no word on a Vita demo), you can invite a friend into your demo to unlock extra content. What that content is remains to be seen later today. Also unique to today’s demo is the ability to carry all your progress over into the full game if you decide to buy.

We’ve been playing the game and can tell you that if you’re familiar with Criterion Games‘ other open world racer Burnout Paradise, then you are already familiar with the groundwork that Need For Speed Most Wanted is built upon. Atop that are the fully licensed cars and a heap of upgrades blanketing the entire game from the engine to the online components.

Check back with PS3 Attitude later today to get the full details on the North American PlayStation Store Refresh, Europe PS Store Refresh happens tomorrow. If you bought NFS Most Wanted, how is it treating you?