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5 games that we want on PSN

Submitted by on Sunday, 9 December 20124 Comments

The PlayStation Network has its fair share of awesome games, but so do many other digital distribution services like Steam and Xbox Live. This week PS3 Attitude has been discussing which of those titles we’d like to see come to PSN. The downloadable games market has been thriving in the last few years, so it was very difficult to choose just five, but we got there in the end!


The beautiful isometric RPG Bastion begins during the aftermath of a terrible disaster, known only as the Calamity. The playable character of the Kid wakes up and travels to the titular Bastion, where people were told to go in times of crisis. From there, the fate of humanity rests on his shoulders.

The game was originally released as part of Xbox Live’s Summer of Arcade promotion in July 2011, and was then ported to PC a month later. Since then, it’s made its way to pretty much every major digital platform (other than PSN), the most recent of which was iOS in August this year, so it wouldn’t be impossible for it to come to PSN too.

Cave Story

Arguably the most famous indie game ever made, Cave Story is a retro 2D platformer, created as an homage to classic titles such as Metroid and Castlevania. With an intriguing story and razor-sharp gameplay, it didn’t take long for Cave Story to become a cult classic itself.

However, the game’s achievement is made all the more impressive when you discover it was made by just one man, Daisuke Amaya, who programmed the game in his spare time over several years. Since its original freeware release in 2004, premium versions have appeared on platforms such as WiiWare, 3DS and Steam, and we’d happily pay for it again on PSN.


Fez is an innovative platformer built around an incredibly smart mechanic and even smarter puzzles. Although played on a 2D plane, environments are actually rendered in 3D, with the player able to rotate the world 360 degrees in order to traverse each level. If that sounds confusing, that’s because it is, but it’s also an absolute revelation once it all clicks.

Of all the games we’ve listed here, Fez is the only one that is currently only available on a single format; in this case, Xbox Live. However, it is also the most recently released, so it remains to be seen whether creator Phil Fish and developer Polytron will ever decide to port it to other platforms.

Super Meat Boy

Yet another 2D platformer (who ever said that genre is dead?!), Super Meat Boy is set apart from many of its contemporaries by an outrageously high (but never unfair) difficulty. Levels are usually extremely short but require precision and skill to complete. Thankfully, the controls are just about the tightest you’ll ever find in any game.

Unfortunately, due to Sony’s initial disinterest in the game, contractual obligations mean that a PSN version is at best unlikely and at worst impossible. In fact, developer Team Meat has stated several times that Super Meat Boy will never come to the PS3; we can still dream though.

World of Goo

World of Goo is a critically acclaimed puzzle game developed by 2D Boy, the goal of which is to create towers from blobs of goo, in order to reach each level’s exit pipe. That makes the game sound far simpler than it actually is, but saying anymore will give too much away; the presentation, music and gameplay twists mean you really have to experience it for yourself.

World of Goo is another game that is available on almost every platform apart from PSN, including WiiWare, Steam, iOS, Android and OnLive. The game’s absence on PSN is made even stranger when you consider that its gameplay would be a perfect fit for the PS Move. Come on, 2D Boy, sort it out!

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