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Angry Birds Trilogy becomes downloadable 8 January, DLC available today

Submitted by on Tuesday, 18 December 2012No Comment

Angry_Birds_Trilogy_Anger_ManagementMatt Hohl from Activision signed onto the PlayStation Blog earlier today to tell us all about the new Anger Management Pack for the retail release of Angry Birds Trilogy. More importantly though, he mentions that the trilogy will become downloadable from the PlayStation Store beginning 8 January.

As if we haven’t been over saturated with exposure to Angry Birds as it is. The leggy franchise has been released on just about every possible electronic device known to man, even a TI-83 Plus. That last one is a bit questionable since its not officially supported on any calculators. But iOS, Android, PS minis (PS3/PSP/Vita?), Windows PC, Mac, XBLA, and any other platform I forgot to mention.

The Angry Birds Trilogy is essentially a compilation of their three most popular versions: Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, and Angry Birds Rio. This is a dream come true for pig haters everywhere. But for $40, you’ve gotta really want to replay these games in HD on your TV with trophies and DLC packs. They are typically available for less then $1 on mobile devices and free in other places like your web browser and select internet-connected TVs.

This new Anger Management DLC includes 130 all-new levels infused with the trilogy levels. Additionally, the add-on comes bearing the gift of additional trophies. A new Orange Bird joins the fray. A small bird with the ability to instantly expand repelling everything around it. All this can be played with or without the Move motion controller and PlayStation Eye.

This package is a sight for sore…hamstrings. Is this trilogy and DLC bringing home the bacon for you? Let us know right down below…