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Derrick the Deathfin – The PS3 Attitude review

Submitted by on Saturday, 12 January 2013No Comment

Derrick the Deathfin is a lovely little game about a shark who has recently witnessed his parents deaths. This spurs him on to do greater things i.e. destroy the companies of the people who caused their deaths and kill everybody inside as an act of revenge.

Maybe it isn’t so lovely after all, but Derrick is still rather cute.

Whilst that is all there is to the story, the game will take you all around the world on your mission for justice to eradicate the underwater creature killing companies. Don’t expect the locations to be identical to their real-life counterparts, though, as being underwater means it won’t make much difference as to where you are.

The gameplay is simple but fun, allowing you to dash through the water to get to the finish line before time runs out. You’ll eat many defenceless creatures to keep your life up, which constantly decreases in a race against the clock, and you’ll have several boss fights to battle through if you wish to progress. It can be frustrating if there aren’t any fish to eat to give you more time but it encourages you to not eat all the sea-life just because they’re in the wrong place at the wrong time, i.e. in front of you, which adds a slight layer of tact to a seemingly simple game.

You can also eat people on the surface who are on islands and boats by jumping out of the water and munching through them. If you land on something that isn’t water, you’ll have a faint panic attack mashing the dash button to get back in to the water before your timer runs out.

You might feel bad at first for killing seagulls, but then you remember the time they stole your chips down the beach and you attack them with a vengeance.

You might feel bad at first for killing seagulls, but then you remember the time they defecated on you down at the beach and you attack them with a vengeance.

Derrick joins in with the papercraft craze that is currently gripping games, especially with the upcoming Tearaway, and it stands out for it. Its visuals look splendid, being eye-catching as well as creative. It’s a shame that they didn’t include a level creator as the art style would lend itself to it very well.

It’s extremely colourful and there’s never a dull moment whether you’re swimming through the water and its vibrant sea life or soaring through the air where people are navigating the waters, you can see that a lot of effort has gone in to the graphical part of the game appealing. As shown in the image below, the game oozes charm and is a feast for the eyes.

The audio doesn’t feature memorable tracks but the sound effects fit in perfectly with the graphical style. When Derrick munches on the papercrafted animals, a satisfyingly loud crunch is heard and if that sounds horrible, remember, these animals could not look any more unrealistic.

A caption isn't required to accompany this beautiful image.

A caption isn’t required to accompany this beautiful image.









Derrick the Deathfin doesn’t boast the lengthiest story or the most replayability that you may look for in a title, but it’s an enjoyable adventure and due to its low price, you should most definitely give it a whirl. Even if it is solely to take revenge on seagulls.

If you’ve already played this title, please let us know your thoughts on it in the usual place below.