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PS3A PlayTime – week of 14 January, 2013

Submitted by on Monday, 21 January 2013No Comment

Come join us once a week where we prove that our spare time isn’t entirely consumed by pounding away at a keyboard, but also by mashing the buttons of our DualShock 3s and Vitas. What games have we been playing? What cool adventures have we been on? It’s PlayTime!

Talk about a crazy week, we’ve all been busy playing games and checking in with the days events. Much of which have including getting excited for tomorrow’s PSN sale in North America where 13 games will get massively deep discounts of up to 75% for PS Plus subscribers, 50% off for non-subscribers.

Suda 51 has come clean with a JP trailer for a supposed Japanese sequel to Killer 7 and No More Heroes called Killer is Dead. We hear confirmation that the UK will get its motor revving for the new MotoGP 13, inbound for PS3 and Vita.

The Dead Island team announced a very controversial Riptide Zombie Bait edition that includes the bust of a dismembered female torso clearly meant for the UK, Union Jack bikini and all. Quite less controversial than that are the PS3 Attitude reviews for the Cross Buy entitled horizontal shooter Sine Mora and the M-rated exploratory platformer Knytt Underground.

Let’s take a look at the posts of the past seven days:

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NA PlayStation Store Refresh: 15 January, 2013

Dead Island: Riptide Zombie Bait edition reveled

Injustice: Gods Among Us releases April 16; Battle Edition announced

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Haunt the House: Terrortown PSM trailer for all the scaredycats


What I’m playing: Ahead of starting my review play of Ni No Kuni, I managed to get through some more Max Payne 3. It is getting pretty tough now, and not just because of the difficulty spike…

Accomplishments: The meager trophies still haunt me in MP3. Managed to get one for finishing the second chapter. And the glitches aren’t too fun – being stuck to some cover with no way of moving so you have to restart from the last checkpoint can get a little draining – thankfully it doesn’t happen too often. The game is generally brilliant though, with real stand-out cinematic moments to rival any Hollywood blockbuster.

What I’m watching and reading: This week I mostly watched sports. The NHL lockout is finally over and so it was time to watch some hockey again, and there was plenty of football (that’s soccer, not NFL) to keep me happier than a pig in mud, despite the snow.


What I’m playing: Played a good amount of Earth Defense Force 2017 on the Vita. Also played Darksiders thanks to PlayStation Plus.

Accomplishments: Been testing out the new Wake-Up Call app on the Vita. It’s a neat little app that earns you trophies for waking up on time. So far it’s done a good job at replacing my phone alarm clock, that’s for sure.

What I’m watching and reading: Watching Friday Night Lights, Futurama, and a lot of random documentaries in theaters and on Netflix.

stefhutch PS3A PlayTime week of 10 September, 2012


What I’m playing: Ninja Gaiden 3, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, Smart As, Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon

Accomplishments:  I finally reached 100 stars in Street Smart challenges on Smart As. A quick look at the leaderboards shows that I’m one of less than 100 people to have earned the Globe Trotter trophy so far. In other news, I’m ridiculously close to unlocking the Super Bonus Worlds in Spyro 3 (otherwise known as the greatest section of any videogame ever!).

What I’m watching and reading: Been re-watching all Chris Lilley’s shows – currently about half way through Angry Boys.

Nick avatar 100x1001 PS3A PlayTime week of 10 September, 2012


What I’m playing: Great editors must think alike, because I too have been playing a lot of Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable and Darksiders c/o PS Plus. Played days worth of Michael Jackson The Experience on Vita.

Accomplishments: I scored a ton of Michael Jackson trophies in my attempt to platinum the game for Vita. A bit of stat grinding will be required, but its all in good fun. Took a break from Smart As this week, though I shall return next week. Finished that Knytt Underground review and boy was it a doozy of a game! You must play it to understand it, rather beat it to fully understand it!

What I’m watching and reading: I cannot get enough of Little Britain on Hulu Plus for PS3. Watched the fourth in the Mission Impossible movies on Netflix for PS3. Tried to watch Dark Knight Rises but my wife fell asleep, so I got mad and shut it off. #overreactmuch



What I’m playing: This week, I revisited Skyrim in prepration for the DLC. While Dawnstar and Hearthfire don’t interest me too much, Dragonborn looks absolutely stunning, so don’t expect much from me when that drops. I’ve also been playing copious amounts of Sleeping Dogs and Okami HD.

Accomplishments: In Sleeping Dogs, I was driving to a side mission on a motorcycle I just bought. I took a wrong turning and rode headfirst into a car. I was launched into the air and landed in the circle of bad guys I was supposed to take down. Before they could react, my motorcycle came crashing into the group taking half of them down. I beat down the rest of the guys with relatively little trouble, in what was one of the most inadvertently simple missions yet.

What I’m watching and reading: I’m currently downloading Looper on iTunes, and I recently watched Moonrise Kingdom.



What I’m playing: Tales of Graces f, Dragon’s Dogma, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, Devil May Cry, Borderlands 2, Metal Gear Solid 2 HD, God of War III.

Accomplishments: Pretty happy with having finished Devil May Cry on Son of Sparda difficulty! Dante Must Die difficult is going to be a real pain.

What I’m watching and reading: Been reading Resident Evil: Nemesis and GamesMaster. Been watching How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory.