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PS3A Awards 2013: Vote for ‘PS3 Game of the Year’

Submitted by on Friday, 8 February 2013One Comment

PS3 TrophyAnd so it’s all come down to this; the nominees for PS3 Attitude’s ‘PS3 Game of the Year 2013’!

Although 2012 was a relatively quiet year for big releases, it still gave us plenty to play. From blockbuster retail titles to independent downloadable games, they’re all represented in our shortlist below.

This year’s nominations for PS3 GAME OF THE YEAR are…

Assassin’s Creed III

  • The American Revolution is a fascinating period of history that is underutilised in videogames, making it the perfect setting for Assassin’s Creed III. While it wasn’t quite as much of a leap forward for the franchise as was promised, it still deserves a place on this list for its huge ambition.

Dead or Alive 5

  • Look past Dead or Alive 5’s blatant fanservice and you’ll find a damn good fighter. With explosive environments and arguably the most realistic-looking character models ever seen in a fighting game, there’s no doubt it’s the best title in the series.

Final Fantasy XIII-2

  • Final Fantasy XIII-2 felt like the game Final Fantasy XIII should have been. With proper exploration, greater gameplay variety and side quests aplenty, Square Enix actually listened to their fans and crafted a JRPG worthy of the FF name.


  • The team at thatgamecompany hasn’t been able to move for awards and recognition this year, which probably has something to do with a little game called Journey. The poignancy of the game can’t be understated, as it disproved the age-old myth that videogames could never be a form of art.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

  • Despite a great critical reception, disappointing sales of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning brought about the unfortunate closure of developer 38 Games. It’s a real shame, as Reckoning was a superb start for what could have been an amazing new RPG series.

Mass Effect 3

  • There were times last year when gamers couldn’t help but criticise Mass Effect 3 for one reason or another, be it homosexual characters or (what was deemed to be) a disappointing ending. But the fact of the matter is that it is still a fantastic RPG, and a worthy end to a great trilogy.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

  • The only game to be nominated for both ‘Best PS Vita Game’ and ‘PS3 game of the Year’ in this year’s PS3A Awards, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale proved to be absolutely everything we could ever want from a PlayStation-themed brawler.

Sleeping Dogs

  • Given its protracted development, it’s a huge achievement that Sleeping Dogs even made it onto store shelves, let alone be as awesome as it was. Hong Kong is a fantastic setting, and viewing it through the eyes of undercover cop Wei Shen was utterly absorbing.

Spec Ops: The Line

  • Third-person shooter Spec Ops: The Line was one of the big surprise hits of the year, with critics praising its bold narrative and mature handling of its dark themes. We didn’t think we’d ever play a shooter with a good story, but thankfully The Line proved us wrong.

The Walking Dead

  • In the past, Telltale’s licensed games have been a bit hit and miss, but The Walking Dead is just about as much of a hit as it’s possible to get. The episodic adventure game has been lauded for the influence players’ actions have on the compelling, branching story.


While our team of writers have chosen the nominations for all the categories, we’re letting you, our dear readers, have the final say in who wins the PS3 Attitude Award. The polls will remain open until February 22nd ad midday UK time, when we’ll then announce our winners.

In order for a game to be nominated, said game must have been released in the US or EU territories between 1st December 2011 and 30th November 2012.

Be sure to check out all the categories and vote for your favorite nominations as we announce them!