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Goozex streamlining video game trading with site improvements

Submitted by on Monday, 11 February 20133 Comments

Trading_GameUsed game sales were once a big money maker for retailers like GameStop. Today, online video game trading is slowly on the rise with sites like Goozex, Amazon, CAG, Game Trading Zone, and vgfive. There are many things gamers should consider when looking for the most redemption value for their used games. But Goozex hopes to grab your attention with a few significant improvements.

Goozex makes their money when one person receives a game from another. This one-way transaction is controlled with Goozex trade tokens, which used to make the site between $1 and $2 per game. With new ownership came some significant improvements to the way Goozex works. The first improvement applied was with promotions such as free trades (no tokens required) until January 1, 2013. The current promotion has everyone competing for prizes ranging from a Wii U game to a brand new PS3 just by going for top trader.

Ultimately, the most recent changes have been ones that will make a long term effect for the number of active trades on Goozex. Trade token prices have been cut by 50%. That’s $1 for newbies and $0.50 for those in the Feedback 500 club (thats 50 positive trades). They have raised the Goozex point value of games that are valued higher than $50 such as collectible bundles or rare games. Some games now require more trade tokens to receive. The majority of games remain 1 token and have a value of 800 points ($40) or less.


Goozex has announced publicly today that are now allowing traders to use trade tokens to pay for shipping. This will save traders a small amount of money and reduce the need for frequent credit card or PayPal transactions. Shipping will cost roughly three tokens and remains completely optional. Though Feedback 500 traders will now be able to send a game off for around $1.50 with their lowered trade token prices. Goozex says this change eliminates their need to pay its vendors for micro payments on single label purchases and those savings are being passed to its customers.

There are many other sites offering trade-in values similar to Goozex including one that has effectively copied the old format of Goozex exactly. VGfive doesn’t have the looks of Goozex or even a mascot, but they’re advertising over 3000 active trades at the moment, compared to under 1000 on Goozex. CheapAssGamer (CAG) and Game Trading Zone (GTZ) are sites that allow gamers to make deals and swap items with one another directly. No queues, just good old fashioned trading.

All these options come with a little bit of risk, so assessing that risk and what the site might do for you if you get stiffed is the final and most important step before offering up your wares. The trade tokens allow Goozex to guarantee that your transaction will go over smoothly, whereas a Bad Trade Report is just about all you can do on GTZ. Amazon won’t guarantee top dollar but gives an Amazon gift card for used stuff across their entire site. Which method do you use to get rid of your old games, or are you sitting on a gold mine?