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Payday 2 – Preview and Gameplay Video – Stealth versus Force

Submitted by on Wednesday, 13 March 2013No Comment

payday-2Payday 2 is the forthcoming sequel to Payday: The Heist, the co-operative first-person shooter that made you the bad guy, attempting to rob from the rich to give to yourself. PS3 Attitude were invited to a preview of the altogether bigger and broader ‘rob-em-up’.

As with the original title, the first thing you’ll notice with Payday 2 is the inability to play it if you, or anyone in the room, is coulrophobic. ¬†Yes, the scary clown masks are back and even more customisable than ever. In fact, that is the one thing you can say right across the board in Payday 2 – everything from the weapons through to the missions is bigger, more involving and includes greater options than the original.

In Payday: The Heist you had seven different missions which increased to nine if you added the additional DLC. In Payday 2, you’ll enjoy 30 missions that feature random placement of CCTV, metal detectors and other robbery-upsetting equipment to keep it fresh every time you play.

It all begins with a nicely laid out map screen where AI colleagues and real-life friends post missions for you to choose from. Dubbed the CRIME.NET system, it is easy to select the mission that takes your fancy and get into a co-operative bid for riches.

Highlighting how much bigger this title is to the original, the weapon customisation options, and the slick 3D weapon preview that accompanies those choices, is vast. Now bolt on a wide ranging class system with a huge array of skill point options, and you can see that this is very much what the developers wanted to create; Left4Dead with cops and an RPG twist.

Classes include the mastermind, enforcer, technician and ghost, allowing you to alter the game to your style and favoured approach. These classes effectively give you a full range of options, including stealth, the ability to use gadgets, heavy weapons and in the case of the ‘mastermind’, intimidation. In fact, as your skills improve the developers have even added the Stockholm Syndrome in the game, where civilians can be convinced to help you in your quest for anti-hero glory.

To highlight the difference your skills and class can make, we offer you two contrasting views of the same¬†jewellery store robbery. In the first, you’ll see how the ‘ghost’ class manages to stealthily take out the officers at the back of the store, then pick the locks and go about stealing the tiara.

Contrast that with the ‘run and gun’ approach of the enforcer in the second video, and you’ll see why Payday 2 looks like it will keep you interested for a very long time.

Importantly, nobody will ever be allowed to max out all the skill sets which means that when you play co-operatively with others, there will always be a mix of classes and therefore the need to work as a team and compliment each other. If you could max everything out, everyone would be the same and that wouldn’t offer the rich gameplay Payday 2 is betting on.

Payday 2 will launch later this year, and we’ll bring you more as the release date approaches. In the meantime, enjoy the gameplay videos below and let us know what you think in the comments…