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PS3A PlayTime: 11th-17th Mar 2013

Submitted by on Monday, 18 March 2013No Comment

god-of-war-ascension-imageThis week, DolphGB has been proving just how much of a danger he is to society in Hitman: Absolution, Majiesto has likely been doing much the same in God of War: Ascension, MitchJay92 has become a little obsessed with Persona 4: Golden, and I’ve been incessantly running to the right while jumping over gaps and avoiding obstacles; wait, what?

Hitman: AbsolutionDolphGB

I gave myself a break from merely killing people in Sleeping Dogs this week and started quietly assassinating them instead. Yes; I decided it was time to get my inner bald guy on and play through Hitman: Absolution. Over three long sessions of ducking, diving, dodging, damaging, defeating and deathblows, I completed the single-player campaign. Favourite moment? There are quite a few, but dressing as a giant chipmunk to gain access to a highly guarded facility without anyone batting an eyelid has to go down as solid Hitman gold. Electrocuting a target as he took a leak up a garden wall was also a personal moment of achievement. There’s a lot of replay value in this one, and the Contracts system looks like it’ll bring me back to the game a lot too, so I expect to be silently ‘popping melons’ for a while to come. Other than that, I still satisfied my hunger for Lumines: Electronic Symphony on the Vita (yes; I still regret downloading it – I knew it would capture me) and I gave Dead or Alive 5 on the PS3 a cursory glance.


This week I’ve been playing God of War: Ascension. I’m a sucker for collector’s editions so I now have a statue of Kratos displaying next to Pandora’s Box. Haven’t experienced the multiplayer side of the game yet as I’m still on the single player campaign, but I am thoroughly enjoying it so far. The scale of the game is bigger than ever, which is both a good and bad thing but more on that later.

?? CMYKMitchJay92

I’ve spent most of the week playing Persona 4 Golden – which I’ve spent roughly 34+ hours on – and it’s completely blown me away. If you haven’t played it then I fully recommend that you do! It’s challenging, immersing and hilarious and I’ve found myself laughing out loud several times whilst playing it and that’s something I don’t usually do, especially with games. Darkstalkers Resurrection has proven to be a great fighting game and I hope that Capcom are seriously considering making Darkstalkers 4 for PS3/4, as it would be a real shame if they don’t. I’ve attempted to play the new Sleeping Dogs and Mass Effect DLC, Syndicate and Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk2 but Persona keeps dragging me back; to the point I’ve been up until 4am and forcing myself to go to sleep. Feels like I’ve neglected many games this week due to Persona 4 but it’s incredibly addictive!


During the last week I’ve been playing the awesome (and ridiculously titled) Bit.Trip Presents Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien. The original Bit.Trip Runner was already amazing, but Runner2 somehow betters it in pretty much every way imaginable, and is possibly the best example of the endless running genre – expect a full review very soon. Towards the end of the week I did something I’ve been threatening to do for a few months now, and started my third playthrough of Final Fantasy XIII-2. I know I’m in the minority as an FFXIII fan, but I can’t help it! Other than gaming, I’ve been scouring YouTube for every Alt-J video I can find. It’s easily the best music I’ve heard in a long time.