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PS3A PlayTime: 18th-24th Mar 2013

Submitted by on Monday, 25 March 2013No Comment

dead-or-alive-5-imageIt looks like the entire PS3 Attitude team has had a busy week, but we still managed to find a little time for our favourite pastime. Topping the list of our most played games over the past week was Team Ninja’s awesome fighter Dead or Alive 5 (on both PS3 and Vita), but God of War: Ascension, Lumines: Electronic Symphony and Persona 4: Golden all proved popular too.


This week, I decided it was time to give Dead or Alive 5 more than just a passing glance and play through the very long, extremely drawn-out story mode from start to finish. The characters are as ridiculous as ever – this is DOA, after all – but the fighting feels much sharper than previous efforts. When I wasn’t watching a mind-numbingly dull cutscene (and I’ll be honest, I did skip a few), the action was excellent. DOA may have a reputation for other reasons, but I’ve always found the multi-level ‘cliffhanger’ arenas offer more than most beat-em-ups in the excitement stakes. Of course, my week couldn’t possibly pass by without spending another few hours lost inside Lumines: Electronic Symphony, so let’s take that as a ‘given’.


This past week saw me playing God of War: Ascension and Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory on the PS3. I surpassed 2700 trophies as well. I’m still at level 16, however, as it’s a slow and steady climb to 17. I’ve also finally seen what the craze with Temple Run 2 is all about and downloaded it for my phone. It’s a good little timewaster when I’m not in front of my TV or have my Vita around.

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It’s been a busy week but I’ve still focused on playing Persona 4 Golden, which may have become my favourite game of all time. I can’t say I’ve touched much else since buying Persona 4 and although my journey has come to an end, I really don’t want to put it down and might start it all over again. I’ve now purchased the animation on Blu-ray, but one day – perhaps BioShock Infinite day – I’ll manage to tear myself away and play a different game.


I’ve not had much time for gaming this week, but I did manage to put a few hours into Dead or Alive 5 Plus on PS Vita. I’m a huge fan of the original DOA5 on PS3, but Plus is easily the superior version of the game, despite appearing on a handheld console. I still can’t quite believe that Team Ninja managed to lock the Vita version at 60fps (even in online multiplayer matches!), while still making it look as good as it does. It’s a real testament to the talent at the shockingly underrated Japanese studio. I’ve also been cracking on with the Bit.Trip Presents… Runner2 review, which will be going live later this week.