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Star Wars Pinball – The PS3 Attitude Review

Submitted by on Monday, 4 March 20132 Comments

Star Wars Pinball LogoIn a galaxy not so far away, Zen Studios combined one of entertainment’s most iconic franchises with pinball in Star Wars Pinball. Having already conquered the superheroes at Marvel, the developers have now set their sights on using the Force in three brand new tables; Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and Boba Fett. Each table depicts a different point in the franchise, and each has its own unique gameplay elements to conquer.

Star Wars fans are some of the most boisterous and protective fans around when it comes to their beloved IP so Zen Studios clearly has their work cut out for them.

Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

Inspired by the events in the film, Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back is the most iconic of the three tables with five missions that reenact pivotal scenes from the film. It culminates in the epic lightsaber battle between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. Voiceovers, pixelated videos, and miniaturized AT-AT walkers give the table an authentic Star Wars feel.

The missions can be rather difficult and are broken into chapters that act as checkpoints that save your progress should you run out of time or hit a gutter, which will happen. I noticed this table has a penchant of sending your ball to the far left gutter (L in LANDO) so beware.

Completing the missions and making use of the frequent multiball opportunities is your best chance of getting that high score.

Star Wars Pinball - Episode V

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Not to be confused with a prequel movie that shall not be named, Star Wars: The Clone Wars is based on the highly superior TV series. It’s a much more colorful table and features Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano.

The Clone Wars’ missions aren’t as straight forward as The Empire Strikes Back. You need to light the lamps to spell out CITADEL and then hit the mission ramp on the right. What’s more, they aren’t exactly necessary to achieving a high score on this table.

The key to scoring millions of points is the upper portion of the table and its flippers. If you can time your reflexes correctly, you can keep the ball towards the top and rack up combos. It’s the easiest table included in the pack and the best one to start with for beginners.

Star Wars Pinball - Clone Wars

Boba Fett

Everyone’s favorite bounty hunter gets his own table and it also happens to be the most difficult. Boba Fett is available to the highest bidder and can take on a number of bounties, from both Jabba the Hutt and Darth Vader himself. Stretched across the middle of the table is the dreaded Sarlacc Pit that can gobble up your ball if you’re not too careful.

Boba Fett is a challenging table that can take some time before you start to earn any real points. While it’s pretty easy to begin a bounty mission, actually completing one is a whole different story. Also, Boba Fett doesn’t feel as cinematic as the other tables with less animations and voiceover work.

Star Wars Pinball - Boba Fett

Star Wars Pinball is exactly what you would expect from the creative minds at Zen Studios. It may not be as innovative as previous tables have been but it delivers the best of Star Wars and the best of pinball all in one package.

There’s a table for everyone, too, whether you’re new to the pinball scene (The Clone Wars) or are a veteran looking for a challenge (Boba Fett). Even better is the proposition that there will be 10 tables in total for Star Wars Pinball. Will Yoda star in his own adventure? What about the ewoks? So long as Jar Jar doesn’t make an appearance, we couldn’t be more excited.