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My game, Deadpool, receives a release date

Submitted by on Friday, 19 April 2013No Comment

DeadpoolI’m sure you already know by now because you’re hungry for all the latest news on my upcoming game, but just in case you missed the biggest news of the century, I’ll let you all know right now why 2013 is going to be freakin’ awesome.

Deadpool, the game featuring me, your beloved and favourite superhero/villain charcter who’s the best at being both (suck it, X-Men), will be releasing this Summer so instead of wet t-shirt contests, water fights and parties that last all night, you can instead have the time of your life playing with me! (Eh, eeeeh?)

I’ve entrusted developer High Moon Studios with the task of capturing my on-screen beauty and badass attitude and if they say my game is going to be ready for 25th June, then they’d better be sure of it as my antics (and Domino’s and Psylocke’s bewbies) should be viewed by all as soon as possible. This seems to be the North American date so I hope you Europeans get to play it 3 days later (if Tuesday for NA releases and Friday for EU releases still applies, but if it’s worldwide then awesome!)

As I wanted all my fans to witness my glorious game, I have decided that it will retail for $49.99, $10 less than most new releases! I’m hoping this equates to £30/€30 but I can’t promise anything.


Don’t you wish you were me?

I bet you’re wondering about this wonderful spectacle above, which you can experience for yourself if you pre-order from Gamestop (US) where you receive 2 extra maps for my challenge mode, 2 stunning costumes and an epic digital wallpaper of me riding a Unicorn in the clouds whilst eating a chimichanga. What else do you want?!

If reading is more your thang then feel free to pre-order from Amazon (US again, sorry EU pals) for $5 credit to use towards digital comic book purchases (you can use this on select Marvel comics but unless it’s a Deadpool comic, you’re making a huge mistake and I don’t think we can be friends anymore. Please don’t make me sad.)

I’d ask you if you will be buying my game but let’s face it, you totally will! Let me know in the usual place below anyways.