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PS3A PlayTime: 15th-21st Apr 2013

Submitted by on Monday, 22 April 2013No Comment

virtues last reward cast image PS3A PlayTime: 15th 21st Apr 2013This week, DolphGB got sucked even further into the intriguing world of Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward, Majiesto prepared himself for the arrival of Soul Sacrifice on PS Vita with its super-sized demo, MitchJay92 realised that Persona isn’t the only videogame franchise that exists, and I took a trip into the clouds with the incredible BioShock Infinite.

virtues last reward sigma avatar PS3A PlayTime: 15th 21st Apr 2013DolphGB

I have spent the entire week playing Virtue’s Last Reward on the Vita. I have bought other games to play, including the much-lauded Guacamelee, but they haven’t had a look in. And I really wish I could tell you more, but I can’t. You see, the nature of VLR is that you can’t talk to anyone about the game unless they have completed all 40+ hours. The only person I know on the team that has managed that is Stefhutch, and we’ve had a short chat about it, but he really can’t tell me anything until I complete it too. Oh, Virtue’s Last Reward – you are a little minx.

soul sacrifice beast avatar PS3A PlayTime: 15th 21st Apr 2013Majiesto

I didn’t spend much time on my PS3 at all this week, unfortunately. I did, however, get to dabble with the Soul Sacrifice demo on the Vita, and it is glorious. It’s the perfect example of how a demo should be, as it’s basically the entire first chapter of the game. Most importantly, it’s gotten me very excited for Soul Sacrifice’s release next week. Can’t wait!

injustice catwoman avatar PS3A PlayTime: 15th 21st Apr 2013MitchJay92

As Injustice: Gods Among Us released on Friday, I’ve been playing that a lot. The story was satisfying and so is the combat, but as a Catwoman player I feel like I have no chance online from the Superman and Deathstroke spammers I keep getting paired with. I’ve also been playing Persona 4: Golden (of course, but I thought I’d give Yu a chance to rest from being my weekly PlayTime avatar) and Persona 3 Portable. Been enjoying Sonic Generations, Dead or Alive 5 and Dragonball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi. I watched the entire Persona 4 Animation and hope that the third box makes its way to Europe soon, as it looks stunning on Blu-ray.

bioshock infinite elizabeth avatar1 PS3A PlayTime: 15th 21st Apr 2013Stefhutch20

In the last couple of days I finally started a proper playthrough of BioShock Infinite, which continues to amaze. Columbia could well be the most absorbing game world I’ve ever had the pleasure to visit, with a level of detail that is absolutely insane. Between combing each area for loot and stopping to admire the scenery, I’m progressing at a ridiculously slow pace – despite having played it for several hours, I’ve only just met Elizabeth! As well as Infinite, I’ve also been playing Dead or Alive 5 Plus (just for a change), and returned to an old save file on Dragon Age: Origins, which I’ve been playing on and off for the last few months.