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Star Trek: The Video Game on telling an original story

Submitted by on Monday, 22 April 2013No Comment

Star Trek: The Video GameNamco Bandai Games has released a new “making of” video for┬áStar Trek: The Video Game that discusses its story and how it’s integral to the Star Trek cannon.

Star Trek: The Video Game takes place after 2009’s Star Trek reboot and before the upcoming Star Trek Into Darkness. The story follows Captain Kirk and Spock as they investigate a Vulcan distress signal.┬áMarianne Krawczyk, one of the writers involved with the the God of War Trilogy, is authoring this brand new adventure for the Starship Enterprise.

The game will feature the majority of the characters from the films, including their respective voice actors, as well as new characters such as Vulcan scientist Tamara. Expect to learn more about the Vulcan race’s past in Star Trek: The Video Game.

Check out the latest video trailer for the game in preparation for this week’s launch on April 26th. That should give you plenty of time to complete it for May’s release of Star Trek Into Darkness.