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Persona 4 Arena story teaser trailer revealed

Submitted by on Thursday, 2 May 2013No Comment

P4 ArenaZen United has released a story teaser trailer for Persona 4 Arena which is finally releasing in Europe on 10th May, roughly a year after it was available in Japan and North America. Featuring a story canon to both Persona 3 and 4, fans can catch up with their favourite characters as they delve in to a new adventure.

Set 2 months after P4 Golden and 2 years after the events of P3, the Midnight Channel has returned and several members of the Investigation Team – the name Yu and his friends gave themselves when solving the case in P4 – have gone missing so naturally, they decide to investigate the TV World to save their friends.

What they didn’t expect was the ‘P1 Grand Prix’, a devious fighting tournament revolving around the Investigation Team, which airs around Inaba via the Midnight Channel. With new and returning characters making an appearance, will another case be solved?

Have a look at the story trailer below:

Boasting over 30 hours of story gameplay, beautifully animated cut-scenes, 12 individual story paths from the perspectives of multiple characters and the returning voice cast from P4 Golden and P3, Arena aims to be this year’s top fighter.

Will you be picking Arena up next month? If you’re still undecided, we have a review coming soon which should help you make a decision, otherwise feel free to let us know in the usual place below.