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E3 13; Dragon Age: Inquisition coming next year

Submitted by on Wednesday, 12 June 2013No Comment

dragon-age-inquisition-morrigan-imageEA and BioWare have announced that Dragon Age: Inquisition will be releasing on PS3 and PS4 in fall 2014. The debut trailer has also been released, with a lot to get excited about.

The teaser trailer, known as The Fires Above (clever, right?), shows a devastated Thedas along with an army of soldiers preparing to battle a huge dragon – is it possible we’re in for another Blight? Fans will also no doubt be happy to learn of the appearance of returning characters Morrigan (from DA: Origins) and Varric (from DAII).

Unfortunately we don’t get to see any actual gameplay (although it is at least all in-engine footage), nor does the trailer reveal the identity of the main character (unless it’s Morrigan, which would be awesome!). However, what we do know is that Inquisition will be the first truly open-world Dragon Age game, in the same way as something like The Elder Scrolls series.

Back in our Dragon Age II review, we said that if BioWare could fuse the best aspects of both previous DA titles, then the next Dragon Age game could be absolutely amazing. It’s obviously far too soon to know whether that will be the case, but the early signs are  positive.