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E3 13; PS3 Attitude’s hopes and expectations

Submitted by on Saturday, 8 June 2013One Comment

e3-playstation-imageWith the next console generation very nearly upon us, next week is surely destined to become the biggest E3 since 2005. Quite clearly, Sony’s focus will be on making sure they present the PlayStation 4 in the best light possible, but there’s still plenty to look forward to seeing on PS Vita and even PS3 too. Here are the PS3A team’s hopes and expectations for E3 2013!


I’m more excited about E3 this year than I have been in a long time. Cast your mind back to E3 2005; Kaz Hirai took the stage at the Sony Picture Studios, doing his best to whip up a frenzy as he announced the future of the PlayStation business. ‘Keeping up with conventional technology just isn’t enough for us,’ he announced.

After a completely arbitrary video (a rare low point in the conference), Ken Katuragi was introduced to the audience. Despite a minor slip-up as he fumbled his words, he announced the PS3 and my world changed forever. I was, almost literally but certainly figuratively, blown away by the specifications, the promise, the games and the concept. I even liked the shape, despite the raft of George Foreman Grill jokes that followed.

Now fast forward to E3 2006, just one year later. What could possibly go wrong? Well, everything. There were delays in starting the conference, which made everyone in the room a little tetchy. If you were watching the live stream all you got was a PS logo for the first few minutes. Kaz focused initially on facts, figures and numbers that bored the audience to tears – in fact, the entire conference almost expired from Death by PowerPoint.

There was a huge section on the PSP, as if to prove that the platform wasn’t in trouble which, of course, made everyone think the platform was in trouble.

When the PS3 commentary began, the presentation was poorly thought-out and full of contradictions. Hirai stated that the PS3 wouldn’t rely on gimmicks, and then showed the Eye of Judgement. And who can forget the classic Giant Enemy Crab meme?

The response to that conference was horrible to watch. Negativity flowed from everywhere. In fact, it was the reason I started PS3 Attitude in the first place. So much negativity for a platform that hadn’t even arrived on UK shores; I had to try and redress the balance.


Thankfully, Sony appears to have learned from those mistakes – most of their E3 conferences since have been slick, well put-together and positively received. And the PS3 has become an amazing platform for video games and home entertainment.

While many have complained they didn’t show a physical box at their PS4 announcement event, the Internet has agreed that Sony showed all the right things. The analysts agree too, and since the Xbox One reveal, the Internet appears to be saying that Sony is currently winning the eighth generation console battle.

We know that we’re going to see titles such as Killzone, Drive Club, inFamous and Beyond: Two Souls – that’s a given. I’d love to think that The Last Guardian will make an appearance. But for me, this year is not just about the actual games that will appear on the PS4, although I expect all of them to be great eye candy. No – I want to see more of how the PS4 is going to change console gaming in the future.

We’ve already had a brief view of Sony’s vision. The Share button on the new controller is, without a doubt, going to change the way people play online for good. And the console’s Google Now-style ability to understand what I like and automatically download content I’ll care about is exactly what I want.

But more than anything, I want Sony to keep good on their promise that the Vita is going to see a resurgence, starting with E3 2013. I want to feel that the PS4 and the Vita, as a combined PlayStation universe, offer me video game and community options I simply can’t get from any other platform holder. With super-powerful and cheap smartphones/tablets on the rise, mobile gaming has already made a shift from dedicated devices such as the Nintendo DS and PSP. The Vita has the ability to offer me something those devices can’t – I want to see that and I believe the PS4 is the key to unlocking those capabilities.

That’s why I’m more excited for E3 2013 than I have been for any E3 in years. The promise of a new era in video games has been teased – let’s hope next week’s E3 has more in common with 2005 than 2006.



Well, the easiest and most obvious answer of what I’m looking forward to seeing would be the PS4. Sony had an impressive reveal in February, and I’m looking forward to learning more about the console and games at E3. In particular, I’m most excited to hear about the Remote Play functionality between the Vita and PS4. It could be a real game changer if every PS4 game is capable of being played on the Vita, as they’ve stated. I’m hoping they’ll be demoing it on the show floor so I can see firsthand how well it works.

In terms of games, I’m excited to see Killzone: Shadow Fall, Saints Row IV, Watch Dogs, and the newly announced Daylight. I love the survival horror genre and Daylight looks especially fantastic, especially if it can pull off the whole randomly generated levels idea. With Sony showcasing 40+ games there’s plenty to be excited about. No doubt there will be a few surprises as well.

In terms of what I hope will be announced, I’d love to see a new Mega Man title. There were rumors about one being announced at E3, and I hope they’re true. It’s been a long time since we had a proper Mega Man release, and its 25th Anniversary came and went with little fanfare. Hopefully Capcom can put something spectacular together for E3.



This year’s E3 guarantees to be an exciting one due to the new next-gen consoles, and personally, I’m mostly excited to see the games. Although I’m quite excited to see what the PS4 will actually look like!

PS4 games I’d like to see more of include Killzone: Shadow Fall, which I’m extremely excited for as I loved KZ3, and inFamous: Second Son as I’d like to see how it places in the timeline and more about the story. I’d also like to see more on Knack as it’s dubbed to be the next Crash Bandicoot, and the second game is one of my favourite games of all time. Hopefully Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will make the next-gen jump after its recent delay in to next year.

On PS3 I hope there’s some news on The Last Guardian, which will be a real swansong for the PS3 if it doesn’t go next-gen, and similarly with Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

For Vita I hope to see another Uncharted game, a Resident Evil title and a new JRPG from Atlus or Square Enix that’s exclusive to the handheld. I’d like to see more on Killzone: Mercenary (especially multiplayer gameplay), Final Fantasy X/X-2 (on PS3 too) and Tearaway.

Hopefully we’ll get to see footage on Persona 5 and I’m wishing that Uncharted on PS4 is announced, along with new Resident Evil and Final Fantasy titles.  I’d love to see a new Dragonball Z title announced for next-gen too as I think it would look amazing. Oh, and a new Spider-Man game!



Although the main focus of E3 2013 will clearly be on next-gen games, I’d like to start with Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII on PS3. Somewhat controversially, Final Fantasy has easily been my favourite series this generation, so I hope the FFXIII trilogy goes out with a bang. Sure, there are tons of other great-looking games to still look forward to on PS3, but Lightning Returns is the one that’ll ensure my PS3 stays set up well after the PS4’s launch.

Sticking with Final Fantasy for a moment, I’m massively excited to see what Square Enix have got planned for the series on PS4. It’s almost a dead cert that something FF-related will be announced next week, but the question is what, and for which consoles. Recent rumours suggest the long-awaited Final Fantasy Versus XIII could have merged with the Agni’s Prophecy tech demo to create Final Fantasy XV, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Another game that’s got a lot of people talking recently, despite not officially announced yet, is Mirror’s Edge 2. I’m a massive fan of the original (and even replayed it on PC a couple of months ago), so I’ve been looking forward to a sequel for years. The bad news is that rumours suggest it could be an exclusive Xbox One title, which I really hope it isn’t. Well, unless it’s a Kinect game, in which case I couldn’t care less.

Anyone who read yesterday’s article will also know that I’m desperate for a new Ratchet & Clank game to be announced for PS4. And I don’t mean the experimental spinoffs we’ve been subjected to recently. I’m talking about a fully-fledged singleplayer adventure like the R&C games of old. I’d also like to see Jak and Daxter on PS4, but that’s a lot more unlikely.

I’m willing to bet there are loads of other games I’m hoping to see that I’ve momentarily forgotten, but one thing is for sure; this year’s E3 will be absolutely huge!