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E3 13; This massive Metal Gear Solid V trailer will blow your mind

Submitted by on Tuesday, 11 June 2013No Comment

metal-gear-solid-v-imageLet’s be honest; the reveal of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain in March was undermined just a bit by the fact that everyone had already made the connection between The Phantom Pain and MGS back in December. For this reason, it’s vital that the game is presented in a positive light at E3. Well, we’ve watched the trailer, and Kojima doesn’t need to worry.

We’re not going to pretend that we know everything about Metal Gear Solid (because we really, really don’t), but you don’t have to be a diehard fan to appreciate that the latest title in the long-running series is looking absolutely incredible.

As well as their superb graphics, MGS games are well known for their outrageously long trailers. You’ll no doubt be pleased to hear Metal Gear Solid V keeps that tradition going, with a trailer that clocks in at a little over 9 minutes. It’s well worth a watch and certainly gives plenty to think about.