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PS3A PlayTime: 27th May-2nd Jun 2013

Submitted by on Tuesday, 4 June 2013No Comment

blazblue-continuum-shift-extend-imageFirstly, apologies for the slightly late PlayTime post this week, but unfortunately this was due to circumstances out of our control. But anyway, the good news is that now we’re back and better than ever! Well, we’re back at least. Hit the link to discover which games took our fancy this week (and yes, Persona does feature, just in case you were worried).


This week I’ve taken a little time to play around with a few demos on the PS3, notably Mad Dog 2, Resident Evil Revelations and Terraria; the latter was reviewed by Mitch recently and plays really well. Other than that, I’ve had to concentrate on our involvement in the upcoming London Anime Con and trying to stave off a really nasty cold. I’ve failed on the cold front – throat feels like I’ve been swallowing razor blades.


This week saw the addition of BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend to the PS Vita Instant Game Collection, so I gave that a try. As far as fighting games go, it’s packed with a whole lot of content. I’m still learning the ropes, but the combat feels somewhat slow when compared to the likes of Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat.


This week I’ve been playing Persona 4 Arena and Persona 3 Portable and having many battles with a friend on Injustice: Gods Among Us and Street Fighter IV (I’m on Super, if anybody wanted to know.) I’ve also been playing PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale and Black Ops 2 online. I’ve recently picked up God of War: Ascension, which I’m really enjoying having recently finished Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta, and The Last of Us demo included is amazing. Also started Black Knight Sword, Trash Panic and Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon as well as Malicious (which I’m struggling to get into) and Marvel vs. Capcom: Origins. It’s been a pretty good week for gaming, and it can only get better with E3 and The Last of Us right around the corner!


It’s been another slightly random week, with several games getting some play time (though not quite as many as last week!). First, as always, was Final Fantasy XIII on PS3, although I haven’t played it as much as normal over the last couple of weeks; which most people would probably say is a good thing. I’ve also been continuing my playthroughs of several games on Steam, including (but not limited to) Alan Wake, Bastion and Trials Evolution: Gold Edition. I plan to get back into BioShock Infinite this week too, as I suddenly realised I haven’t been on it for nearly a month!