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E3 13; PS Plus subscriptions will rollover onto PS4

Submitted by on Thursday, 13 June 2013No Comment

PlayStation PlusWithout a doubt, the most welcome news to come out of Sony’s conference was that the PS4 will support used games, and won’t require an internet connection. But almost as good as that was the fact that PlayStation Plus subscriptions will incorporate PS4 games and features at no additional cost.

Since they introduced the Instant Games Collection, Sony has barely put a foot wrong with PS+. Over the last year, gamers have been treated to dozens of awesome experiences on both PS3 and PS Vita, all for $60/£40/40€ a year. But things aren’t stopping there.

From the launch of their upcoming console, subscribers will also have access to one PS4 game every month, in addition to the usual PS3 and Vita games.

The first of these will be DriveClub: PS Plus Edition, a slimmed down version of Evolution’s new social racer. Just how slimmed down isn’t yet known, but we’d like to think it won’t be missing too much; otherwise Sony wouldn’t have made such a big deal about it during their conference.

The one downside to PlayStation Plus on PS4 is that (although they obviously didn’t dwell on the issue) Sony’s presentation on the topic made it perfectly clear that a PS+ subscription will be required to play online on the next generation console.

Free online multiplayer was one of the biggest selling points of the PS3, so it’s disappointing that this won’t be the case on PS4. However, considering that Xbox gamers have already had to pay to play online for nearly eight years, we don’t think we can be too angry with Sony.