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Skylanders: Swap Force takes the collectible franchise to a whole new level

Submitted by on Monday, 24 June 2013No Comment

2139Skylanders SWAP Force_KeyArt_Standard_FINAL_HiResThe Skylanders franchise has been one of Activision’s most successful brands in recent years, combining fun and imaginative gameplay with the addictive nature of collectable figurines. Both the original Spyro’s Adventure and the Giants expansion created fans out of children and adults alike. Their upcoming Skylanders: Swap Force will attempt to complete the collecting trifecta.

Swap Force introduces all-new characters to the Skylanders universe whose heads and bodies can be interchanged to create new in-game characters that combine the best abilities of both. There are 16 Swap Force characters, meaning that there are a possible 256 combinations players can create. In addition, there will be 16 new Skylanders, 8 LightCore Skylanders, and 16 new versions of fan-favorite Skylanders from the previous games. Of course, all of your existing Skylanders are compatible will the upcoming game as well.

Creating a new character from two Swap Force Skylanders is as easy as taking the head of one and putting on the base of another. A set of powerful magnets holds together the two halves. They only take a second or two to interchange and produce a satisfying click when aligned correctly. They’re easy enough to take apart with ease, but also strong enough to take a beating from kids playing with them and not fall apart.

Combining the likes of Free Ranger, an air-based Skylander, with Freeze Blade, a water-based
Skylander, can create either Free Blade or Freeze Ranger. Stats are saved to individual character creations as well, so you don’t have to worry about losing your progress when creating new Skylanders. The game’s all about finding new creations and utilizing their abilities within the game. Some newly locked areas now require two elemental attributes to unlock, which can be done with either one Swap Force Skylander that satisfies both conditions or, if you’re playing with a friend, two individual Skylanders from each category.

Skylanders has always been highly collectable but Swap Force takes the colleting to a whole other level. Every time you add a new one to your collection, you’re exponentially increasing the possible character combinations. With only two Swap Force Skylanders, there are four possible characters. Add just one more, and it becomes nine.

Better start saving your money. Things could very expensive when Skylanders: Swap Force hits systems this fall, especially with Disney’s own collectable figure game, Disney Infinity, hitting store shelves later this summer as well. No doubt there’s room on shelves for Buzz Lightyear and Spyro to coexist peacefully, though.