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Why Tales of Xillia is poised to be the greatest Tales Of title yet

Submitted by on Saturday, 1 June 2013No Comment

_namcobandai_Screenshots_41268OP_Milla Retake_0442Tales of Xillia is finally coming to NA and EU after a gruelling 2 years of being an exclusive in Japan. PS3 has seen a port of Tales of Vesperia, also exclusive to Japan, and Tales of Graces f – which was my game of 2012 – and whilst they are great games they are let down by the lack of character animation.

Xillia is created from the ground up on PS3 and this is why we think it benefits from it.

Any JRPG worth its salt needs an engrossing plot and a likable cast, otherwise they have a tendency to come across as annoying. There are the odd exceptions such as Hyperdimension Neptunia which, although it doesn’t have a strong story, has great humour and bubbly characters to care for. Thankfully, the Tales Of games have always managed to excel in these areas.

Also important is gameplay, something the Tales Of series has always excelled in, with unique skills which allow you to string together stand attacks and special moves known as Artes. If you’re new to the series then have a look at the gameplay trailer below, featuring team member Leia’s fighting style.

To those unfamiliar with the series, the above video most likely had you thinking, ‘What the heck? That’s way too crazy!’ but once you get in to it, it’s a lot more simple than it looks. As Tales of Xillia is being built specifically for PS3, we feel that the gameplay will benefit by being much smoother, allowing you to string stylish combos in ways previously unseen in previous installments. These battles will also look much more fluid due to character animations being less stiff, allowing for a much more cinematic experience.

Whilst battles haven’t suffered much due to limitations of previous systems, in-game cutscenes have. Much dialogue, optional or not, is displayed through 2D images which are well done but the in-game cinematics, sadly, are extremely wooden and fail to get the emotion across; it always seemed rather deadpan. It seems that Namco are aware of this and it shows in-game.


Awkward situations are clarified much more easily in hi-def.

The outstanding musical score and animation may remain the same but unlike with previous installments, we’ll hopefully now see more expression in-game too. Not knowing much about the story, we hope that the power of the PS3 will allow Namco to add more facial expressions outside of animations such as pain, specifically tears, so that they can rely on the in-game graphics to deliver emotion too. However, we do hope that animations are more frequent in Xillia as they are truly brilliant, have a look below at how gorgeous they are.

Stunning, no?

Stunning, no?

With Xillia showcasing a refined battle system and beautiful in-game graphics, we feel that Xillia is poised to be the greatest Tales Of game yet, with the new features working together to create an unforgettable experience.

If you aren’t sold on Xillia yet, have a look at the recently released gameplay trailer for noble butler Rowen below.

Tales of Xillia is releasing exclusively to PS3 on 6th August in NA and 3 days later in EU. Will you be getting it? Let us know in the usual place below.