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PayDay 2 – The Perfect Heist? [Hands-on, Video, Interview]

Submitted by on Friday, 19 July 2013No Comment

New Masks“It was time for my second PayDay. I remember The (original) Heist like it was yesterday. Others remember it too and while many looked upon it favourably, there were those that said we just hadn’t gone deep enough. It was time to move things forward. It was time to enter the rabbit hole.

Or in my case, The Tunnel; a legal graffiti zone under the tracks of Waterloo Station. I’d been here before. During my last visit I the experience was weird, to say the least. I remember being chased by real-life zombies and meeting Kristen Stewart, who was a confused, angst-ridden and deeply un-engaging ball of wild hair and timidness. Or maybe that was just a dream…

I knew I was on the right tracks when I spotted the Overkill call-sign; they would be my crew for the next job. ‘It is a good thing I’m not a coulrophobe’, I said to myself. It was time to enter The Vault and start planning our operation.

2013-07-17 19.59.33

Smile – you’re on camera…

Let’s backtrack a little before I show you how it went down. I’d done my homework and retraced my steps from the first PayDay. The Heist had gone well, and if I had to put a figure on it, I would say that seven out of ten of my colleagues would agree with me. The plan was simple enough; take between one and three friends, case a joint or seven, put on some masks and grab the loot. We needed to make as much money as we could – we all just wanted to retire.

Of course, it didn’t work out that way. Once you start with your first PayDay, you get hooked and have to keep getting your fix until the next hit.

That led me here to The Tunnel where I witnessed a plan so full of options, weapons, gadgets, tools and skills that it made the original Heist seem like a mere demonstration run. And at the head of the table sat The Don himself – David Goldfarb – but now wasn’t the time for talking; we’d get to that later. Right now, I had to walk through my first practice scenario and get the lay of the land.

I fired up, the online portal that let’s me see what jobs are available for me and my cohorts to case and, ultimately, hit. Once we’d chosen our target it was time to make sure we had all the right equipment. Overkill had definitely learned a few lessons since our first job. Every conceivable type of weapon lined my path. It was almost too much choice but I had already decided that stealth would be my method for this job, so the silenced weapons became my ‘little friends’.

I took a spare ammo bag in case things went bad, put on a light flak jacket so that I had some protection and chose my favourite mask. I was told that if I did well I could earn masks that had higher status attached to them. One of the crew was awarded with one so rare earlier that day it was deemed a 1,000,000 to 1 shot. Hopefully, some of that luck would rub off on our team as we headed towards the gallery, our eyes firmly fixed on some of the more valuable paintings.

An art gallery. Easy hit, right? What could possibly go wrong?

An art gallery. Easy hit, right? What could possibly go wrong?

It started out well.

We cased the joint quickly. As usual the placement of cameras, fences and other key objects were random, a mechanism Overkill use to help us stay fresh and alert each time we do a gig. A guard came outside. Maybe for some fresh air. Maybe to have a smoke. Whatever his reason, we made our move and got him to drop his weapon. After cuffing him, it was time to move inside.

I made a noise by switching on the hand dryers in the toilet. I did it on purpose so that I had a clean headshot on the investigating guard.

It started out well.

Once we made our way to the paintings, I’m not sure what happened. That natural high delivered by trying to commit the perfect heist took over and my adrenalin forced an error. An error that was answered with a barrage of gunfire. I don’t know why, but all I could think at the time was how well my rifle handled. How assured it felt. We moved fast to find an escape route, picking off guards, police, SWAT teams and even the FBI along the way.

What a rush.

It was time to talk to David Goldfarb and get our orders for the real job. I wondered what it was that led him to modify, improve and increase everything from our first PayDay – even in my practice run I saw so much more depth and capability. “We took a lot of feedback from forums and those that had witnessed the first outing. People really just wanted to create and experience the perfect heist, and our original foray didn’t quite deliver on that promise”.

While I thought it was risky to have forums that discussed our first hits in public, it was good to know people cared enough to give quality feedback. ‘I hope they’re encrypted forums’, I thought to myself. David could see the shock in my eyes and gave me a knowing glare that answered my unspoken question.

Since the original job, Overkill had gone through some changes. A bigger crew named Starbreeze had got involved and effectively bankrolled the entire organisation. I wondered what effect that had on the team. “It really hasn’t made any noticeable difference to us”, David reassured me. “If anything, it has just allowed us to focus harder on bringing the right experience to all of those involved. Our team is still small (35 people or so, he explained) and are concentrating on making the best co-operative experience around”.

One of my team mumbled something to me about cross-over raids, like that time on our first heist when we felt ‘Left 4 Dead’. David said that “while I can’t say what is and isn’t coming, we’re looking at other cross-over options for the future”. That sounded like fun. The kind of high that’ll keep us coming back for more…

David and I mulled over a few extreme options for future heists too. I have always wanted to pull off a high-society robbery and suggested that Overkill think about a raid on the Ice Hotel in the Arctic Circle. There’s bound to be lots of rich people staying in that place and, if we’re lucky, we might even catch the Aurora Borealis during our down-time. Suffice to say that if you ever see us, or anyone else, pulling of this audacious heist in the future, you can thank our small team for the inspiration.

The Don then had to leave on a plane to Italy, no doubt to give the crews down their some marching orders and a walk-through of the latest plans. I gathered up a few masks from the inventory and headed off into the balmy South Bank.

With our second foray into pulling off the perfect heist – let’s call it PayDay 2 for the sake of argument – it seems that Goldfarb and the Overkill team have given us everything we could have wanted. Now, it is down to us to pull it off…”