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PS3A PlayTime: 15th-21st July 2013

Submitted by on Monday, 22 July 2013No Comment

tales-of-xillia-imageIt’s been a slightly random week for the PS3 Attitude team, with a large variety of games getting some play time, including Aliens: Colonial Marines, Dead or Alive 5, The Walking Dead, Yakuza 3, and Tales of Xillia (the latter thanks to the London Anime Con!). Wow, I managed to get through a whole intro without mentioning The Last of Us… oh man, I was so close!


With so much going on around our preparations for London Anime Con, I couldn’t spend a lot of time gaming this week. What little time I did dedicate to ‘the cause’ went to two titles – The Last of Us, of course, and Tales of Xillia – the latter being a preview brought to LAC by our friends at Namco Bandai. Big thanks again to those guys for supporting us at the event – Tales of Xillia certainly generated a lot of interest! We raised nearly £400 during the course of the weekend for GamesAid, which was great. If you’re in the UK, you can help raise that total by sending an SMS text message. Text GTGA90 £1 or GTGA90 £5 to 70070 to help. Thanks again to everyone that donated or got involved in the cosplay auction.


I didn’t get the chance to play much this week, although I did stock up on supplies in The Last of Us multiplayer. I’m usually not a big fan of multiplayer modes but TLOU is a refreshing change from the usual. Plus, it doesn’t only require kills as a means of leveling up, so someone as bad as myself can still progress.


I finished Yakuza 3, which is a brilliant game, and also started 4. I love social aspects in games (Persona 4 <3) and the story was very good. I also played Aliens: Colonial Marines in co-op and had a lot more fun than when I was playing alone, but that doesn’t excuse it being a pretty poorly made game. The Last of Us saw some online action but not very much of it, but I hope to play it more soon. Been trying to get in to Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and though I enjoy it and the abundance of things to do, the insane amount of juggling takes away some of the fun. Quell Memento has been a very fun puzzle game for the Vita; I’m not very far from the end now, and I’ve been enjoying it a lot.


As with last week, most of my gaming time has been focused on the Steam Summer Sale, which was quite frankly awesome. I picked up a huge amount of games at ridiculously low prices, so now that the sale is over I’m looking forward to actually playing them! One such title I’ve been focusing on is The Walking Dead, which I somehow missed out on last year, despite everyone telling me how good it is. I’ve just finished Episode 2, and I can’t wait to find out what happens next. I’ve also been playing Dead or Alive 5 and Final Fantasy XIII on PS3. I just completed Taejin’s Tower on FFXIII, which is by far my least favourite part of the game, so it’s all good now!