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PS3A PlayTime: 8th-14th July 2013

Submitted by on Tuesday, 16 July 2013No Comment

the-last-of-us-image-4As predicted, The Last of Us is PS3 Attitude’s most played game of the last week. To be honest I’m starting to run out of great things to say about it, so I kind of hope another game takes the top spot next time (although I somehow doubt it). Thankfully, the Steam Summer Sale and MitchJay’s Japanophilic tendencies both help to inject some much-needed variety into today’s PlayTime.


This week, I’m going to keep it short. I’ve been playing The Last of Us. Constantly. That’s it. In the absence of other words, please watch this short video to understand where I’m clearly headed.

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This week I played more of The Last of Us. That seems to be the game that I, and many others from the look of things, can’t put down. I’ve also continued playing Time and Eternity, which is slowly getting better, although I can’t play it in long sessions like I can with TLoU. I’ve also ventured into PC territory with the Steam Summer Sale. My computer is barely capable of running some of the old games, so for now my selections are quite limited. Still, I’m having a blast playing Bastion, one of those gems I always hoped would get a PS3 release but never did. Really looking forward to Transistor hitting the PS4 first next year. It’ll no doubt be a Day 1 purchase for me.

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I finished Deadly Premonition this week and absolutely loved it! I feel somewhat bad for ignoring many side-missions as the main plot was so engrossing. I also started Yakuza 3 which is very good, and have 4 and Dead Souls waiting on the side too! Been playing Persona 4 Arena and 3 Portable, Mortal Kombat and Injustice again; I had a small contest with a friend on the latter two, and I’m happy to say that my Sonya took the gold! And, like most of PS3 Attitude, I’ve been playing The Last of Us online. It’s extremely addictive and I’m excited to hear news on the Season Pass. I also got past a level I was stuck on for ages on Bloodrayne: Betrayal, just to get to another level which is equally as frustrating, haha.


Although it pains me to say it, unfortunately I have a confession to make: I’ve barely touched my PS3 and Vita this week, due to a little something called the Steam Summer Sale!  This is my first SSS where I’ve had a PC good enough to run pretty much any of the games on offer, which is awesome, but also means the amount of titles I could potentially buy has increased tenfold. I’ve already grabbed some great deals on games such as Darksiders II, Far Cry 3, Grand Theft Auto IV and Hitman: Absolution (and quite a few more as well!) but, with another week of the sale to go, I don’t see my spending slowing down any time over the next seven days. Damn you, Valve, you financial geniuses!