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Yuna outfit in Lightning Returns; Lightning gets a boob job

Submitted by on Monday, 29 July 2013No Comment

Yuna outfitLightning is returning and to many fans pleasure, and their dismay, she’s going to be showcasing bigger boobs that jiggle. She’s also adding to her new and extensive wardrobe by adding a Yuna outfit from Final Fantasy X to it.

Director Motomu Toriyama wanted Lightning’s boobs to be bigger and for them to jiggle depending on which outfit she wears. They’re not being enlarged hugely, apparently from a Japanese C cup to a D cup, and they won’t seem to over-the-top jiggle like they do in the Dead or Alive series.

Lightning is one of the strongest female leads in gaming and although there are some superficial enhancements being made, they won’t change her character and we at PS3Attitude Towers didn’t even notice the change.

Lightning’s wardrobe keeps expanding along with the addition of a Yuna outfit, dubbed the Summoner of Spira, which will see Lightning graciously bow after battle like Yuna does in FFX. The outfit also includes Yuna’s staff.

Yuna outfit

Lightning donning Yuna’s garb.

There will be over 100 shops and an area featuring an open-world plain akin to Skyrim, where we can ride our Chocobo’s and be merry.

What are your thoughts on Lightning’s enlarged and jiggling boobs? And what other Final Fantasy costumes would you like to see including in-game? Let us know in the usual place below.