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GC 13; LBP goes free-to-play with LittleBigPlanet Hub

Submitted by on Tuesday, 20 August 2013No Comment

littlebigplanet-hub-logoFree-to-play games are all the rage these days, and now one of Sony’s most popular franchises is getting in on the action. That’s right; LittleBigPlanet Hub is coming to PS3 as a free-to-play title later this year.

Though a little controversial when it first launched, the free-to-play version of Singstar has been hugely successful for Sony, so it makes perfect sense for the company to expand this F2P model to more of its franchises.

Not many official details have been released about LBP Hub, but it will most likely focus on the Create and Share features of the series. Imagine having access to the millions of user-created LBP levels for absolutely free. We know the game will include micro-transactions, but we assume these will be for extra costumes, objects and stickers; just like how DLC works for the current LBP games.

Check out the reveal trailer below:

The trailer does at least show that the old LBP charm is here in spades, and also that Stephen Fry is on-board, which is really all the reassurance we need.