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Interrogation Mode coming to The Last of Us multiplayer in Patch 1.02

Submitted by on Wednesday, 28 August 2013No Comment

The Last of Us Interrogation ModeA new multiplayer mode called ‘Interrogation’ will be part of a new patch update for The Last of Us, Naughty Dog announced today via Kotaku. Said to be the biggest update for the game so far, version 1.03 will also tweak various aspects of the multiplayer experience.

Fixes include:

  • Increased player revive range
  • Adjusted item cache locations
  • Special executions can now be interrupted by downing opposing player
  • Intro camera bugs fixed
  • More balanced matchmaking
  • Item cache fix for teams getting too many items after a comeback

The biggest addition to Patch 1.03, though, is the addition of the brand new ‘Interrogation’ multiplayer game mode. In this mode, teams must interrogate their opponents to learn the location of their lock box, which you must then crack open to win.

Interrogations are a special type of execution that last a bit longer than normal. Five enemies must be interrogated before the location of the lock box is revealed and just like executions now, interrogations can be interrupted. Once you have the location, your team can then proceed to break into the lock box to win the match while your enemies attempt to defend it.

Check out the video on Kotaku for the full rundown of the upcoming patch and a look at the new ‘Interrogation’ mode. No release date has been given for Patch 1.03 yet, but we imagine it will be coming soon.