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PS3A PlayTime: 12th-18th August 2013

Submitted by on Monday, 19 August 2013No Comment

gone-home-imageWith MitchJay still on holiday, it was up to the rest of the PS3 Attitude team to make up for his lack of play time. This week, DolphGB continued his indiscretion with The Last of Us (I know, it’s getting a bit awkward now, isn’t it?), Majiesto finally completed his playthrough of the BioShock saga, and I became engrossed in an incredible little game called Gone Home.


My love affair with The Last of Us continued this week, and I had some truly epic multiplayer moments. First up, I managed to get my Hunter trophy for completing the 12-week cycle for the Hunter faction. My choice for the final 100% challenge – shiv kills. I spent the entire first round gathering supplies from the drop points to make smoke bombs and set my loadout to include the skill that spawns me with a shiv every time, and went about my business. After day 1 of the challenge, I already had enough shiv executions to clear the first tier, and by the end of day two I’d completed the challenge completely, losing only 20% of my clan. I’ve started the Firefly Journey now and am on Week 4. Best moment so far? Taking out all four opponents in a game of Survivor within fifteen seconds singlehandedly. Two were collecting from a box and didn’t see my favourite Russian, Mr. Molotov, flying in their direction. Needless to say, they forgot to put on their ‘Factor 5000’ that morning. I could see a third player in front of me looking at the flaming chaos I’d created and ran towards him, picking him off with my handgun. The fourth? He heard all the commotion and thought he’d ‘drop in’ for a fight from the gantry above. Unfortunately for him, he landed directly in front of me with his back facing my shiv; a swift press of the triangle button sent him to Hunter Heaven. I don’t often get it right in The Last of Us (and I had luck on my side with that last opponent), but when I do it’s always massively satisfying.


I’ve been spending weeks catching up on the BioShock franchise and am pleased to announced that I completed BioShock Infinite this past week. I’m only five months late. Surprisingly, my biggest achievement is that I managed to make it this long without having anything spoiled. There were some tweets I had to avoid and articles that had to go unread, but I did it. It’s been a wild ride through Rapture and Columbia these past few weeks but also a highly enjoyable one. I can’t wait to see what Irrational Games will come up with next. Now that BioShock is done, I’m not sure what I’ll be playing next. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on Disney Infinity hopefully sometime soon, and can’t wait to start collecting all the figurines associated with it. I already have Davy Jones, Syndrome and Mater, so now all I need is the game itself.


I’ve played a lot of games this week (as usual), but none have resonated with me in the same way as Gone Home, the first project by The Fullbright Company, which was released on Steam a few days ago. In June 1995, a young woman named Kaitlin Greenbriar arrives at her new family home in the Pacific Northwest, after a year of travelling across Europe. However, no one is at the house to greet her, and a note from her sister Samantha warns not to attempt to find out where she is. With a storm raging outside and mobile phones still not commonplace, Katie’s only choice is to search the house for answers as to what on earth has happened here. What follows is one of the most grown-up and thought-provoking videogames I’ve ever had the privilege to play. And I’m not going to say anything more than that; partly because I want to avoid the temptation to mention any spoilers, but mainly because it’s difficult for me to put down in words exactly how special this game is. I’m not often lost for words, but Gone Home has left me speechless.