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PS3A PlayTime: 19th-25th August 2013

Submitted by on Monday, 26 August 2013No Comment

killzone-mercenary-imageWith the PS3A team back together, it was business as usual this week; by which I mean DolphGB played The Last of Us and MitchJay played Persona 4 Golden. Being the less predictable members of the team, it was up to Majiesto and me to inject some diversity into this week’s PlayTime, which we achieved with Killzone: Mercenary, Bit.Trip Runner2, BioShock Infinite and Saints Row IV.


This week I’m not going to bang on about The Last of Us like I usually do. Suffice to say, I played it; a lot. And it was good. But something else also happened this week in the wonderful world of PlayStation 3. I decided it was high time I dropped into PlayStation Home to see what I was missing out on, and I’m glad I did. Things have moved on a pace since the last time I ventured into the virtual world and I really enjoyed the new spaces; especially the big park. Although many of the spaces have taken on a classic ‘free to play but get more goodies if you buy stuff’ spin (which a lot of people love – just look at Paradise Island and other similar games), there was a lot of enjoyable content available for free. And the place is packed too – it’s a long way short of a ghost town inside Home, and I expect I’ll spend a good deal more time there in the future.


This week the majority of my gaming time was spent playing the Killzone: Mercenary beta on the Vita. I gotta admit, it’s the most fun I’ve had playing multiplayer in a long time. Yes, it rivals even The Last of Us (don’t kill me, DolphGB!). I was looking forward to the game coming out next month but now I can hardly wait. On the PS3, I’ve been enjoying Bit.Trip Presents… Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien (boy was that a mouthful), mainly thanks to Stefhutch20’s excellent review and the fact that it’s been added to the Instant Game Collection of PlayStation Plus.

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I may have been away on holiday for two weeks but, somehow, I managed to get a lot of time in on Persona 4 Golden, as I started a new playthrough before I left. I hope to have a lot more to write next week as I’ll be regularly gaming again, but Persona is all I’ve played recently! Fortunately I have been able to follow gaming news, although I wasn’t able to watch Gamescom; at least I got to see all the information after it had been released, as well as next month’s PS+ line-up!


Inspired by Majiesto’s recent exploits, I finally completed BioShock Infinite this week, which I’ve been playing on and off since its release in March. My overall play time was about 19 hours, but I then spent a further four hours reading up on various explanations and theories from around the internet, which should give you a fair idea of how much I enjoyed the game.  In truth, I think it should have been a few hours shorter (maybe by cutting out some of the more nondescript combat encounters), but overall it was a masterpiece of videogame design, and genuinely pushed the medium to new heights of storytelling. Though my main focus was on Infinite, I also found some time to start Saints Row IV and Splinter Cell: Blacklist, and I’m really looking forward to Rayman Legends on Friday!