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PS3A PlayTime: 5th-11th August 2013

Submitted by on Monday, 12 August 2013No Comment

bioshock-infinite-columbia-imageThis week, DolphGB forgot that any games exist other than The Last of Us, Majiesto finally reached Columbia in his mammoth playthrough of the BioShock series, I cried my eyes out after completing The Walking Dead (why, Telltale, why?!), and MitchJay92 went on holiday. Oh, and we’re not jealous of him, by the way. At all. Seriously. Well, maybe just a little bit.


As you may remember, Dishonored was my distraction of choice last week. It was really just an attempt to see if anything could drag me away from The Last of Us. As experiments go, it was an utter failure. Dishonored is a great game, and I will continue with it, but it just isn’t enough. This week has seen me focus, once again, on the relentless juggernaut Naughty Dog has created. This week saw me take an important step towards finishing the Hunter Journey. For those that don’t know, taking the Hunters or Fireflies through twelve weeks of multiplayer without losing your clan wins you a trophy. The problem? During those twelve weeks, you’ll face the dreaded ‘100% death’ challenge five times. If you fail to achieve even the most basic of the challenge levels, your entire clan is wiped out and you have to start again from Week One. My time came to face the Week Ten 100% challenge, and I found out that Molotov cocktails are my true calling. Eight ‘Molotov Executions’ later (in fact, I managed twelve in three matches) and only 20% of my clan were destroyed. It is only going to get tougher though – I’ve heard I’ll face two more 100% challenges before I get the Hunter trophy and if I choose the Molotovs again, the most basic level starts at seven executions. Once I have the Hunter trophy (“it shall be mine”, he says in his best Wayne voice), I’ll need to start all over again with the Fireflies. Oh, The Last of Us – you really are an addictive little minx, aren’t you?


It has been another week of BioShock goodness for me. I finally managed to complete BioShock 2 and, while the gameplay was fun, I felt the story was a little lacking compared to the brilliancy of the first. It’s still a great game, although I haven’t even checked out the multiplayer aspect of it or any of the DLC. With the first two BioShock titles now complete, I finally felt ready to delve into Infinite. I’ve had the game since its release back in March but simply haven’t gotten around to playing, mainly because I wanted to finish the first two beforehand. Surprisingly, I’ve also managed to avoid all spoilers as well, which is one of the most difficult things I’ve done. I’m enjoying BioShock Infinite quite a lot, much more than 2 so far. Gotta say that it’s vastly different from what I saw in trailers and press material leading up to its release. I expect I’ll have it completed this week perhaps. I’m maybe close to the halfway point of the game now, if my Voxophone count is anything to go by. To be honest, I can’t imagine what I’ll do once I no longer have a BioShock game to play!


One of the main games I focused on this week was The Walking Dead, which I completed a few days ago. In terms of evoking an emotive response, it was possibly the best game I’ve ever played. I’m struggling to think of a previous time when a game has genuinely affected me on an emotional level, but The Walking Dead’s final scene was so masterfully crafted that I couldn’t help but feel a little moved by it. I also played the 400 Days DLC, which obviously can’t compete with the full first season, but it definitely succeeded in getting me excited for Season 2! Also this week, I finally got around to completing my fourth playthrough of Final Fantasy XIII (and I’m looking forward to a third playthrough of FFXIII-2 soon!), remembered when the COD series felt original with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, and took a chance on buying Resident Evil: Revelations (which, to be fair, seems surprisingly entertaining so far!).