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Exploring Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto V

Submitted by on Wednesday, 18 September 20132 Comments

gta-v-los-santos-skyline-duskGrand Theft Auto V has just been released and people are already exploring the massive landscape of Los Santos looking to take advantage of everything the city and its surrounding areas have to offer, from the story-centric missions to optional sporting events. The world is your oyster and the possibilities are nearly endless.

Check out the following gameplay videos for a taste of what’s made available to players and how to get gold ratings on some of the missions. Be forewarned, the videos contain spoilers for Grand Theft Auto V.

First, to get an idea of just how big Los Santos is, here is CVG’s Dan Dawkins and Iain Wilson taking a scenic drive from the southernmost point of the map to the northernmost point. So sit back and take in the sights and sounds of the city.

Now that you have a gist of where everything is in Los Santos, here’s a little taste of the mayhem you can cause. It’s the first mission of the game and has our three protagonists performing a bank heist that quickly turned into a 5-star shootout with police. You can switch between the three characters whenever you like, and the video demonstrates how doing so alters the gameplay.

Now, if you’re not the type who enjoys terrorizing citizens, why not participate in a quick triathlon to get your heart rate pumping in a fashion that isn’t illegal. You can swim, bike, and run your way into the record books in just one of the many activities available to your characters.

It just goes to show you the depth and variety that Rockstar has put into Grand Theft Auto V. And this is all stuff you can do right out of the box. Gameplay will open up even more when Grand Theft Auto Online launches October 1, 2013. Until then, we’ll be busy exploring all we can of Los Santos.