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PS3A PlayTime: 26th August-1st September 2013

Submitted by on Monday, 2 September 2013No Comment

rayman-legends-imageI’m getting ever so slightly bored of saying this now, but this week DolphGB has been playing The Last of Us and MitchJay92 has been playing Persona. Shocking! But never fear; beginning with Rayman Legends today, I predict you’ll see a lot of new games in PlayTime very soon, as we enter the busy pre-holiday season of videogame releases!


In a move that will surprise literally nobody, this week saw me drop all other games to play The Last of Us on heavy rotation. And what a week it was to play this awesome, all-consuming game; Interrogation Mode was launched to the multiplayer masses. A superb addition to the two existing modes, Interrogation is a game of two halves. First you have to ‘question’ the opposing team five times to find out the location of their lockbox. These interrogations take the form of a shiv or special execution, so be prepared to get up close and personal with your foe. Once you’ve achieved the requisite number of interrogations, you move into phase two – opening the lockbox itself. This takes a good amount of time, which offers the opposing team several opportunities to gain the interrogations they need while they defend their ground. If both lockboxes are in play, it pays to split the team up; one group defending, one attacking. With the new mode causing all manner of additional scenarios, it’ll be a while yet until you read that I’m playing anything other than The Last of Us. Oh, and I got my Firefly trophy this week too. Shiny, it is.


Didn’t get much playing time overall this week, but I did manage to squeeze in some more practice with the Killzone: Mercenary beta on the Vita. It’s the one multiplayer game I’ve found that I’m pretty good at. I’m looking forward to picking it up next week, along with Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix and Puppeteer. It looks like we’re about to get into the beginning of the fall gaming splurge.

?? CMYKMitchJay92

This week I’ve been primarily playing One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 and Rayman Legends, so I’ve been getting my pretty animation fix. I’ve done some grinding on Ni No Kuni, and as much as I’m enjoying the game, the amount of grinding is a turn-off so I’m not as far as I’d like to have been; especially considering I’ve had it since release day! It’s not really a PlayTime if I haven’t mentioned Persona 4 Golden or Arena really, is it? I’ve been playing both and am nearing the end of my second playthrough this year on Golden. I’ve also started Max Payne 3 which I’m enjoying, though the effects during the cutscenes are a bit too much sometimes. Thanks to PS+ I’ve continued my Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy save and remembered the rolling jump manoeuvre to get around quicker! I loved the series on PS2 and look forward to playing through the trilogy again (this time on PS3!). I plan to play some Time and Eternity soon too, which I started before my holiday; however, even though it’s gorgeous, I can see the combat becoming quite tedious.


As I predicted last week, Rayman Legends has indeed dominated my gaming time over the last few days. I really enjoyed the Challenges App back in April, so I decided to buy the game for the Wii U. After only the first ten minutes, it was obvious I’d made the right choice. The touch-screen elements complement the rest of the gameplay extremely well, and the whole game is an absolute master class of how to develop for Nintendo’s fledgling console. Having said that, I’m sure it’s still a fantastic game no matter what console you play it on. In other news, we’re now officially entering the crazy pre-Christmas period when a huge amount of anticipated titles arrive in the space of just three months (it’s usually only two months, but the imminent arrival of the next generation has pushed everything forward). On my radar next week are Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate and Killzone: Mercenary, with plenty more to come in the weeks and months that follow. I really have no idea how my wallet is going to cope by the time the PS4 arrives!