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DUST 514: Uprising 1.5 update now live featuring new tutorials, squads, and roles

Submitted by on Wednesday, 9 October 2013No Comment

DUST 514The PS3’s free-to-play first person shooter DUST 514 has been given a major overhaul thanks to the latest update titled Uprising 1.5. The new updates expands Corporation Roles as well as offers a revised player experience to help new players in learning the ins and outs of DUST 514.

Uprising 1.5’s main focus is on adjusting players to DUST514’s gameplay. The new player experience offers revised task-driven tutorials that reward players with militia dropsuits, vehicles, weapons, and modules for completing specific objectives that show you the ropes of the game.

If you’re looking to deploy directly into battle, the new Squad Finder will help group you with similar players. There are also a variety of new roles Corporation CEOS and directors can assign to other members including Accountant, Personnel Director, Terrestrial Combat Officer and Terrestrial Logistics Officer. Each role has a specific set of tasks they can perform within a corporation to help is grow and become more powerful.

The full list of additions and changes are below and can also be viewed on the DUST 514 forums.


  • The Neocom is now open by default in all cases where the Mercenary Quarters would previously be the default view. It can still be closed to move around the Mercenary Quarters.
  • The third person camera switches to view the active character from the front when the Neocom is open.
  • Various relevant tips have been added to the fitting screen panels.
  • The “back” button when editing a fit in the fitting screen has been renamed to “finish”.
  • The Skills window correctly gives the default action for not purchased skills as “purchase” rather than “train”.
  • Added Squad Finder:
  • The Squad Finder allows you to find and join publicly listed squads and squads lead by members of your corporation and/or alliance.
  • When you create a squad with the Squad Finder you can enter a short description and choose whether the squad should be private, public or only available to corporation and/or alliance members. You can change the squad’s settings afterwards as well.
  • Each squad listing includes a latency indicator which shows you your own latency to the squad leader’s region.

New Player Experience

  • Initial tutorials have been completely revised, now following a task-driven structure that rewards players for demonstrating proficiency in joining battles, creating fittings and training skills. These tasks are not mandatory, but represent common tasks that all players will want to complete anyway. Rewards take the form of militia dropsuits, vehicles, weapons and modules.


  • New War Points rewards have been added:
  • Intel Assist – rewards the scanner 15 War Points if their squad members kill scanned enemies, 25 War Points for vehicles or installations. Scanning War Points will still be received up to 10 seconds after a scan has ended if the target was damaged whilst scanned.
  • Equipment destruction – rewards the destruction of enemy equipment with 5 War Points.
  • Transport assist – After troops have been transported over 100M from the point where they boarded, the pilot will receive a reward equivalent to 15% of the War Points disembarked passengers earn for one minute.
  • Headshot Kill – 60 War Points.
  • Counter hacking – rewards a counter hack with 75 War Points.
  • Updated War Point reward message UI.


  • Corporation CEOs and directors can now hand out roles to other members in their corporation.
  • The following roles can be granted (in addition to the director role):
  • Accountant: Responsible for a corporation’s wallet. Accountants have the ability to transfer ISK from the corporation’s mercenary wallet as well as monitor the corporation’s wallet transactions.
  • Personnel Director: Charged with growing a corporation’s membership. A personnel director has the ability to accept applications to the corporation from other mercenaries.
  • Terrestrial Combat Officer: Charged with organizing a corporation’s ground fighting forces. Terrestrial combat officers can join all planetary conquest conflicts bringing members of their squad into the battle with them. The mercenaries in the squad being brought into the battle do not need to be members of the terrestrial combat officer’s corporation.
  • Terrestrial Logistics Officer: Responsible for managing a corporation’s terrestrial operations and logistics. This includes managing district reinforcement windows, district surface infrastructures, moving and selling clones.

Bug fixes and polish

  • Network library has been optimized for better network performance.
  • Improved server-client performance.
  • Rendering fixes.
  • Fixed melee exploit that allowed multiple fast melee strikes.
  • Fixed issue with drop uplinks that (sometimes) prevents valid drop uplinks from being displayed.
  • Fixed RDV navigation issues around sockets in almost all situations.

In addition to the release of Uprising 1.5, CCP Games have also announced game producer Jean-Charles Gaudechon has been hired as the executive producer of DUST 514 and will oversea the future development of the game. Previously executive producer at EA for games such as Battlefield: Play4free, Battlefield Heroes, and Need for Speed World, Gaudechon is no stranger to the free-to-play and MMO market.

“In addition to his extensive experience in the free-to-play space, Jean-Charles brings a tremendous sense of product vision and creativity to DUST 514,” said Sean Decker, senior vice-president of product development at CCP. “His track record of developing major online titles will serve the growth of DUST 514 very well.”

“The scope and vision of DUST 514, and its integration into the massive EVE Online Universe is unparalleled, creating the largest single-shard online multi-player game to date,” said Gaudechon. “I look forward to my journey with CCP as we push the boundaries of the game even farther, to an experience as large and meaningful as the EVE Universe itself.”

We will have more information about DUST 514 and the Uprising 1.5 update in the near future so be on the lookout for that. Until then, be sure try out the new player experience and come back and tell us what you think of the new additions.