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Sponsored Video: We are FIFA 14, and it seems everyone else is too

Submitted by on Wednesday, 2 October 2013No Comment

FIFA-14-boxFIFA 14 really is a juggernaut right now.

While everyone expected GTA V to stay at the top of the charts for weeks, just like The Last of Us did recently, FIFA 14 has taken the top spot in week one.

So what is it about the game that has got everyone laying out their hard-earned cash (or benefit money) in return for a shiny disc?

As we reported in our hands-on with the game, FIFA 14 isn’t just a reskin of previous editions. Everything has been polished to create the very best possible version of EA’s football engine.

You might argue that sports fans have had very little to get their teeth into recently. If you look down the current Top 40, you won’t find much in the way of sporting titles. In fact, apart from the obvious competition, you have to go all the way down to number 27 in the chart where you’ll find FIFA 13!

That game was also a blockbuster. FIFA 13 sold over 14 million copies across all platforms (PS3 taking the lead with 50% of the sales), shifting over 7 million in the opening weeks.

FIFA 14 may have sold 24% fewer copies in it’s opening week than FIFA 13 did, but we’ve looked into our crystal ball and we see an extremely bright future ahead.

For one, EA have been very smart and released a frankly amazing mobile app that is, unless you want to get serious, free to play. As word of mouth helps to spread this gem around, there will be a good percentage of mobile gamers that want the full experience on their consoles.

Then you have the second wave of FIFA 14 sales to come. The 24% drop over last year’s release could be down to the fact that there are still next-gen version to come. Many gamers will be waiting to own the PS4 version in November, looking forward to even sharper graphics and additional touches not possible on the current-gen versions.

If FIFA 15 comes around and this title hasn’t shifted 14 million copies or more, we’ll eat our football boots.

This post has been sponsored by EA Sports (and all money goes to charity, of course) but all thoughts are our own.