PS4 Attitude Launches – Here’s What You Need To Know
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We’re extremely excited to announce today the launch of PS4 Attitude, the next generation of news, reviews and articles for PS4 and PS Vita. It’s an exciting new chapter for the team here at Attitude Towers, and we’re so happy to see it finally ‘in the wild’.

But what does that mean for PS3 Attitude? Let’s explain…

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FIFA 10 – Ultimate Team DLC release date
Sunday, 31 Jan, 2010 – 13:26 | Comments Off
FIFA 10 – Ultimate Team DLC release date

Back in December, EA revealed that the hugely popular Ultimate Team DLC released for FIFA 09 earlier this year will also be coming to FIFA 10. They have now also revealed that it will be released on the PlayStation Store in just a few weeks time, on February 25th.

Lego Rock Band patched (again)
Saturday, 30 Jan, 2010 – 14:55 | Comments Off
Lego Rock Band patched (again)

Earlier yesterday Lego Rock Band was patched in Europe, bringing the game to version 1.02.

The features seem to be the same as the recent 1.01 patch released several weeks ago, but for unknown reasons it was later withdrawn by the developers leaving some users without the all-important bug fixes.

Topatoi: Pillar of the Skies releases next week
Friday, 29 Jan, 2010 – 17:50 | 2 Comments
Topatoi: Pillar of the Skies releases next week

Boolat Games have just announced that the second game in the Topatoi series, Pillar of the Skies, will be released next Thursday (4th February) on the European PlayStation Store. Along with the announcement, Boolat have released a new gameplay trailer, which shows off the new environments of the game, as well as a co-op mode.

Assassin’s Creed II – Battle of Forli DLC Trailer
Wednesday, 27 Jan, 2010 – 20:59 | One Comment
Assassin’s Creed II – Battle of Forli DLC Trailer

Ubisoft have just released a trailer for the first of two Assassin’s Creed II DLC packs.

The Battle of Forli will be released tomorrow on the PlayStation Store for $3.99/€3.99. It will include six new missions that make up Memory Sequence 12, which did not appear in the original game due to a ‘corruption’ in the Animus.

[UPDATE] Free Dragon Age: Origins items still on PS Store
Wednesday, 27 Jan, 2010 – 10:20 | 2 Comments
[UPDATE] Free Dragon Age: Origins items still on PS Store

Everyone likes DLC, especially when it’s free, so here’s some equipment for Dragon Age: Origins that you may have missed.

Lego Rock Band – Export codes not working
Tuesday, 26 Jan, 2010 – 9:45 | Comments Off
Lego Rock Band – Export codes not working

A lot of users are having difficulty in redeeming their export codes for Lego Rock Band.

Once successfully redeemed on the Rock Band website, the user should be presented with another code, which will then allow them to export all Lego Rock Band songs onto the HDD for use on Rock Band 2.

But this isn’t what is happening according to owners of the game.

Comedy in Games
Monday, 25 Jan, 2010 – 14:00 | 7 Comments
Comedy in Games

When I first started writing this story, the idea was to have a list of ten PS3 games which have made me laugh. Unfortunately, after I got up to four, thinking of any others suddenly became about as easy as completing Demon’s Souls single-handedly (i.e. not very easy at all). I honestly couldn’t think of any other games which I can legitimately describe as being funny (excluding games like Damnation and Rogue Warrior of course, which are funny for a completely different reason).