Fanboys; The Industry Speaks – “They’re Basically Idiots”
Submitted by Phreaky | Mon, 21/09/09 – 9:00 | 10 Comments

Fanboys are an annoyance at best. At worst, they are the bane of the industry and cause problems for the majority of level-headed gamers.

That’s not a wild attempt to get you talking; we have proof to back up our views from some of the best known names in the gaming industry.

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Dead Space studio unveils new name; hints at new titles
Tuesday, 5 May, 2009 – 9:50 | No Comment
Dead Space studio unveils new name; hints at new titles

We’ve never liked EA Redshore Studios.

Don’t get us wrong, we really enjoyed Dead Space (one of us more than others) and we’re keen to see how Dante’s Inferno pans out but, and we freely admit this is a terribly weak excuse, the studio’s name has always annoyed us.

Reflecting their “intense action-oriented” titles, the California based studio will now be known as “Visceral Games”.

Dante’s Downfall – Animated Movie Confirmed
Monday, 30 Mar, 2009 – 13:14 | No Comment
Dante’s Downfall – Animated Movie Confirmed

EA and Starz Media collaborate once again with a new full-length animated movie based on the upcoming Dante’s Inferno game.

Dead Space: Downfall was decidedly average as a movie but, with leading anime houses around the world each taking on a layer of hell for Dante’s outing, we’re hoping this one doesn’t get damned by the critics.

BAFTA Video Games Awards: ‘The Winner is…’
Wednesday, 11 Mar, 2009 – 18:24 | 11 Comments
BAFTA Video Games Awards: ‘The Winner is…’

It was the 10th BAFTA Video Games Awards in London yesterday night, and we have for you all the winners.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was the big winner, taking home three awards including the GAME Award of 2008. Dead Space was the only other game to take more than one award grabbing two.

Get ready for Dead Space 2
Friday, 27 Feb, 2009 – 17:43 | 5 Comments
Get ready for Dead Space 2

In an interview at, general manager of EA Redwood Shores Glen Schofield, more or less confirmed the existence of Dead Space 2. More specifically, he stated…

Deader Space next year?
Thursday, 11 Dec, 2008 – 0:10 | No Comment
Deader Space next year?

According to EA CEO John Ricitello, the company is happy with it’s improved metacritic scores. The number of games with scores of over 80 jumped from 7 last year to a mighty 17 this year.

But is that good enough for the lofty expectations of EA? No, nein, nacht, non and nei. They want things to be even better in the new year, and have some plans as to how to make that dream a reality.

Click through for the details.

Dead Space DLC; PS3 is missing out – [UPDATE]
Monday, 10 Nov, 2008 – 16:46 | 6 Comments
Dead Space DLC; PS3 is missing out – [UPDATE]

EA announced earlier today that the first batch of Dead Space DLC was on the way. The Xbox 360 would see their downloadable content this Thursday (13th November), whilst the PS3 would wait one extra week.

An extra week is no big deal when you’re getting a great deal of extra content to purchase, right?

Except it appears Sony’s black monolith isn’t getting the better part of the available downloads…

Dead Space; Open?
Sunday, 9 Nov, 2008 – 6:28 | 5 Comments
Dead Space; Open?


That’s the word that will become embedded in your consciousness when you’re done with Dead Space. That ironic hologram, asking you every single time you are about to open a door. It knows you’re scared and it’s using that fear of yours to its own advantage…

EA talks new franchise sequels and frequency
Monday, 3 Nov, 2008 – 11:51 | 6 Comments
EA talks new franchise sequels and frequency

EA talk sequels and just when we’re likely to see Isaac Clarke and Faith returning for more.

EA Reward Some Known Survivors
Friday, 31 Oct, 2008 – 21:50 | 4 Comments
EA Reward Some Known Survivors

PS3 Attitude has five whole dollars to give away for any EA game. Click here to find out how you can win this mammoth gift of ultimate extravagance!

EA talks about the continuance of their latest IPs
Friday, 24 Oct, 2008 – 14:21 | 9 Comments
EA talks about the continuance of their latest IPs

According to what Frank Gibeau, President of EA and Glenn Schofield, General Manager of EA Redwood Shores stated in their interview to Variety, EA’s latest IPs will be followed by sequels. More specifically, the sequels of Bad Company and Army of Two are on the way!

“Bad Company has come out and done very well. “Army of Two sold very well. We’ve got sequel ideas planned for those”, stated Gibeau.