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We’re extremely excited to announce today the launch of PS4 Attitude, the next generation of news, reviews and articles for PS4 and PS Vita. It’s an exciting new chapter for the team here at Attitude Towers, and we’re so happy to see it finally ‘in the wild’.

But what does that mean for PS3 Attitude? Let’s explain…

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EyePet & Friends and Start the Party! Save the World – The PS3 Attitude Reviews
Wednesday, 7 Dec, 2011 – 11:00 | One Comment
EyePet & Friends and Start the Party! Save the World – The PS3 Attitude Reviews

It’s just over a year since the launch of the PlayStation Move, and, in the last few weeks, a new wave of titles has been released for the motion controller. Two of these games are EyePet & Friends and Start the Party! Save the World, both of which are sequels to previous Move-enabled games.

So, how do they play?

PS3 Attitude’s Top 100 Developers – Part 7
Monday, 4 Oct, 2010 – 12:00 | 12 Comments
PS3 Attitude’s Top 100 Developers – Part 7

Believe it or not, the PlayStation 3 was released nearly four years ago, and since then the console has been graced with hundreds of great titles. Therefore, we at PS3 Attitude thought we’d take some time to pay tribute to the people who create the games that make our mundane lives just that little bit more entertaining: the developers.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be revealing our one hundred favourite developers, and believe us when we say that there are some incredibly talented teams included. We’ve now revealed sixty developers in our mammoth list, and today we’re revealing ten more.

PlayStation Move – What’s been patched?
Friday, 17 Sep, 2010 – 8:00 | 22 Comments
PlayStation Move – What’s been patched?

Do you plan on getting Move, but don’t want to also fork out on a bunch of new games? Then don’t worry because Sony’s got you covered.

As Move launches today in North America and the UK, we thought we’d compile a list of the games that have already been patched with Move functionality. We’ve also included information about where you can get the patch from, and other useful details.

EyePet 2 announced
Friday, 5 Feb, 2010 – 9:30 | 5 Comments
EyePet 2 announced

George Fornay, president of Sony Computer Entertainment France has disclosed to Gamekyo that EyePet 2 is in production and that it is hoped it will be hitting shelves this year.

How it will differ from the first game is unknown at this point, but it is entirely likely that it will produce the same “aww, he’s so cute!” reactions like the first game did.

No EyePet love for North America this year
Tuesday, 6 Oct, 2009 – 21:02 | 2 Comments
No EyePet love for North America this year

In an unexpected move, SCEA has delayed the North American release for EyePet till 2010.

The game which is due out in Europe on the 23rd of October, was announced yesterday to miss this holiday season.

GC09; EyePet Gets Wet!
Tuesday, 1 Sep, 2009 – 0:51 | One Comment
GC09; EyePet Gets Wet!

Remember in our EyePet preview we revealed the system by which you can clean your rat monkey critter?

Well, now there is a video showing this off.

High quality cam footage from the floor at GamesCom 09 lets us all see the creature (and the game) being put through its paces in real time; no smoke and mirrors here. It’s at the end of the video, for the impatient out there.

EI09; EyePet Preview
Friday, 21 Aug, 2009 – 10:00 | 5 Comments
EI09; EyePet Preview

With the likes of Project Natal and the motion controller making waves at E3 earlier this year, it seemed that EyePet took something of a back seat.

With all the smoke and mirrors that can be done with computers these days, it was with some trepidation that we recently sat down with the EyePet to see what the monkey-rat could really do when halfwits like us were in control.

Tamagotchi 2.0? The ultimate kid-friendly, odourless pet?

GC09; Sony Conference, full summary
Tuesday, 18 Aug, 2009 – 20:29 | 3 Comments
GC09; Sony Conference, full summary

We’re at GamesCom in Cologne this year, and the first order of the day is to cover the much-anticipated Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Press Conference.

Whilst the rest of the Internet has been awash with rumour and speculation, as usual we at PS3 Attitude have bit our lips (and kept the ‘Drawer of Secrets’ locked), preferring instead to wait for the official word.

And now that word comes to you via our people on the ground, (almost) live from Germany.

EyePet set to ruin NA furniture this festive season
Wednesday, 29 Jul, 2009 – 19:59 | 12 Comments
EyePet set to ruin NA furniture this festive season

We still can’t agree what the hell it is (we’re evenly split between simian, mammal and rodent) but, irrespective of genus, EyePet has been confirmed as invading North America in time for the upcoming festive season.

Speaking to Joystiq at a recent New York City event, Sony have allayed the fears of many over on that side of the Atlantic who had thought Europe might be the only region set to enjoy the furry scamp in 2009.

PS3 Attitude’s Epic E3 Predictions; Predictably Epic.
Tuesday, 28 Apr, 2009 – 10:06 | 12 Comments
PS3 Attitude’s Epic E3 Predictions; Predictably Epic.

In just a few short weeks, we are going to have one of the biggest E3’s in quite some time. Sony are limbering up for a showdown of epic proportions, and doubtless the competition are taking a similar stance.

What do we reckon is lurking up the longest sleeves of the highest SCE bigwig?

Sony captures hardcore, moves on to casual market
Monday, 20 Apr, 2009 – 18:33 | Comments Off on Sony captures hardcore, moves on to casual market
Sony captures hardcore, moves on to casual market

Sony plans to shift their focus on the casual market according to SCEA hardware marketing boss John Koller.

Speaking to VG247, he highlighted that they believe they have “captured the hardcore” market for the PS3.