PS4 Attitude Launches – Here’s What You Need To Know
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We’re extremely excited to announce today the launch of PS4 Attitude, the next generation of news, reviews and articles for PS4 and PS Vita. It’s an exciting new chapter for the team here at Attitude Towers, and we’re so happy to see it finally ‘in the wild’.

But what does that mean for PS3 Attitude? Let’s explain…

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NIER receives global release on April 23rd
Wednesday, 3 Feb, 2010 – 17:06 | One Comment
NIER receives global release on April 23rd

Square Enix’s other RPG, the one that is not Final Fantasy related, will be getting a simultaneous global release on April 23rd, 2010 across the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

NIER is the latest franchise from the developer and is set in a crumbling world filled with monstrous creatures itching to meet the sharp end of your blade. You will also have magical abilities at your disposal, coming ever closer to your goal of saving your daughter who has been infected with the Black Scrawl disease.

Nier teaser and release date
Friday, 8 Jan, 2010 – 11:57 | 2 Comments
Nier teaser and release date

Schizophrenic Nier (Is it Gestalt? Is it Replicant? We can’t tell*) is coming. In fact, according to Square Enix, it’s coming real soon. Spring soon.

And in preparation for the game’s upcoming release, how about a crazy woman swearing at you to get you in the mood for the crazy Japanese-styled action title.

Nier RepliCant trailer and screens
Friday, 18 Sep, 2009 – 19:22 | 2 Comments
Nier RepliCant trailer and screens

We’re not quite sure of the logic behind developing two games that share a great deal in common but having one exclusive for the PS3 and the other for the 360. We guess SquareEnix have their reasons.

Nier RepliCant (the PS3 outing) has a slightly more effeminate protagonist and, instead of trying to save a daughter, the PS3 version seems to switch in a sister in peril.

E3 09; ‘Nier’-ly upon us
Sunday, 31 May, 2009 – 14:13 | 6 Comments
E3 09; ‘Nier’-ly upon us

Square Enix are pulling out some big E3 guns early. With billboards already up in the US citing FFXIII as being released next year and massive expectations for the announcements at the conference proper, Square Enix have got some serious work cut out for them in order to please the fans.

Hopefully the trailer for the relatively-new addition to the SE family, Nier, will not represent the high-point of the reveals. Not because it is bad or anything – moreso because we want more news. Bigger news. All the time