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We’re extremely excited to announce today the launch of PS4 Attitude, the next generation of news, reviews and articles for PS4 and PS Vita. It’s an exciting new chapter for the team here at Attitude Towers, and we’re so happy to see it finally ‘in the wild’.

But what does that mean for PS3 Attitude? Let’s explain…

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Sniper Elite V2 rises to the top of the UK charts
Tuesday, 8 May, 2012 – 13:36 | Comments Off on Sniper Elite V2 rises to the top of the UK charts
Sniper Elite V2 rises to the top of the UK charts

Sniper Elite V2 has risen to the top of the UK charts, debuting in at number one in the UKIE GfK Chart-Track All Formats Top 40 charts. It seems gamers can’t resist gory kill-cams, opportunities to take on Hitler and tense sniping gameplay.

…and a Happy New Year. 2012; a PS3 Attitude odyssey
Sunday, 1 Jan, 2012 – 14:01 | 4 Comments
…and a Happy New Year. 2012; a PS3 Attitude odyssey

Another year over. A new one just begun.

2011 was a real corker for the PlayStation 3. And for PS3 Attitude too. We got up to all sorts of shenanigans over the last twelve months, and some of us still have the bruises to prove it.

But this isn’t going to be one of those lame retrospective list articles that counts down our favourite moments from the last year. Oh no. This is 2012. This is about what comes next.

So strap yourselves in and get ready for the ride.

Prototype 2 – What happened to Alex Mercer?
Thursday, 21 Apr, 2011 – 14:28 | One Comment
Prototype 2 – What happened to Alex Mercer?

When Activision announced Prototype 2, they revealed a new protagonist that we’d be playing as, James Heller. Ever since then, fans have been wondering what happened to Alex Mercer, the man we spent hours powering up in the original Prototype?

Activision has released a new video revealing why they decided to change Alex into the villain for Prototype 2 and also shows a brief look at some pre-alpha gameplay footage.

Deals of the Week – 16th April 2010
Friday, 16 Apr, 2010 – 13:00 | One Comment
Deals of the Week – 16th April 2010

Welcome to the fourth edition of PS3 Attitude’s ‘Deals of the Week’ feature. Every Friday we deliver our favourite deals on PlayStation 3 games that we have discovered across the Internet.

Fortunately our UK base has been unaffected by the Volcanic ash, so we are once again able to bring you deals for both the United Kingdom and the United States.

We are pleased to be able to bring you more great games at great prices this week, each one with our expert opinion why you should not waste any time in clicking the ‘Buy Now’ link underneath.

[Prototype] – The PS3 Attitude Review
Tuesday, 30 Jun, 2009 – 13:09 | 3 Comments
[Prototype] – The PS3 Attitude Review

The entire city of New York has been infested with this specialized virus; one that was designed as a biological weapon that can be targeted against an entire race of people. It has unfortunately been spread across the city and you are the key.

18 days ago your were lying on the cold, hard, surface of the GENTEK morgue, dead, and now you have the ability to absorb the form and memories of the people around you, becoming their doppelganger to find out just what happened to you and why you are alive. You’re name is Alex Mercer.

PROTOTYPE Opening Cinematic
Friday, 8 May, 2009 – 19:07 | 4 Comments
PROTOTYPE Opening Cinematic

Hot off the heels of the impressive ‘Mission Variety’ video comes the opening cinematic for PROTOTYPE. The video showcases the protagonist Alex Mercer showing his acrobatic prowess in the run down and seemingly isolated New York City streets during the day, before showing us the perils that come with the night.

PROTOTYPE “Mission Variety” walkthrough shows missions, variety
Friday, 1 May, 2009 – 14:13 | One Comment
PROTOTYPE “Mission Variety” walkthrough shows missions, variety

There might not be a fancy pants Uncharted 2 multiplayer demo attached like a certain other sandbox game we can think of, but that’s not to say PROTOTYPE (note the caps) isn’t going to deliver in the action and excitement departments.

A new walkthrough video has popped up that describe some of the game’s varied and action packed missions. We’re thinking there is definitely enough diversity on offer here to elevate PROTOTYPE above your usual “punch everybody until everybody is dead” shtick.

Prototype dated for Europe and North America
Wednesday, 8 Apr, 2009 – 19:55 | 3 Comments
Prototype dated for Europe and North America

Back in February we found out that Prototype, the action adventure game set in the open world of New York, and being developed by Radical Entertainment, was due for June 2009 after initially getting delayed from its original release date in 2008.

Now Radical Entertainment is back to announce specific dates for this unique game.

Prototype is coming this June
Tuesday, 3 Feb, 2009 – 21:52 | 5 Comments
Prototype is coming this June

Although we already knew that it was going to be released during the Summer, Activision decided to become a little more specific by letting the world know that Prototype will hit the shelves this June.