PS4 Attitude Launches – Here’s What You Need To Know
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We’re extremely excited to announce today the launch of PS4 Attitude, the next generation of news, reviews and articles for PS4 and PS Vita. It’s an exciting new chapter for the team here at Attitude Towers, and we’re so happy to see it finally ‘in the wild’.

But what does that mean for PS3 Attitude? Let’s explain…

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10 things to take away from E3 11
Wednesday, 15 Jun, 2011 – 0:50 | One Comment
10 things to take away from E3 11

At this year’s E3, 46,800 industry professionals, journalists, retailers and analysts arrived in LA to experience the videogame industry’s biggest event of the year, and with over 200 exhibitors promoting their latest games and hardware, this year was arguably the biggest ever.

We cannot offer you a complete guide to E3 2011 (that would require writing a book), but we can give you this neat list featuring 10 thing that caught our attention during this year’s show. We had great games and impressive hardware on show and a lot of stuff happening in-between. Enjoy.

E3 2011; Konami classics getting upgraded to HD and more
Friday, 3 Jun, 2011 – 4:53 | 2 Comments
E3 2011; Konami classics getting upgraded to HD and more

Konami hosted its pre-e3 show in which the company revealed its plans for E3 and beyond. One thing that continued to pop up throughout the 55 minute presentation was classic Konami franchises getting remade into HD collections, specifically Silent Hill, Metal Gear Solid, and Zone of the Enders. Get ready for a blast from the past…

Konami releases a new batch of screens for Silent Hill: Downpour
Monday, 18 Apr, 2011 – 17:18 | 6 Comments
Konami releases a new batch of screens for Silent Hill: Downpour

Konami has released a new batch of screenshots for the upcoming Silent Hill: Downpour showcasing what appears to be a run down mining facility, a perfect fit for the Silent Hill locale.

Silent Hill 8 gets an official title; Downpour
Monday, 24 Jan, 2011 – 22:09 | 2 Comments
Silent Hill 8 gets an official title; Downpour

The next game in the Silent Hill franchise was announced back in September but only now do we have an official title for it; Silent Hill: Downpour.

Downpour, whose musical score will be composed by Daniel Licht of Dexter fame, will tell an all new storyline with convict Murphy Pendleton who becomes the latest victim of Silent Hill when the prison bus he’s on crashes.

Silent Hill 8 announced
Wednesday, 8 Sep, 2010 – 5:49 | 5 Comments
Silent Hill 8 announced

Silent Hill 8 has just been announced by Konami. This is the eighth installment of the Silent Hill franchise – imagine that – and Konami is looking to return the franchises roots with this one. Come inside to find out everything we know.

The Kamikaze Kittens invade Attitude Towers
Wednesday, 17 Feb, 2010 – 9:00 | One Comment
The Kamikaze Kittens invade Attitude Towers

There’s a certain tension in the air here at Attitude Towers. The normally carefree (or slightly bizarre in the case of Danny_D) banter has been replaced by hushed, worried whispers.

You see, there are Kittens in the Tower today. This generally wouldn’t be any cause for concern – kittens are cute right?

But these kittens have a penchant for shooting, and routinely sharpen their claws – step forward the Kamikaze Kittens.

Did you see Saw?
Friday, 3 Apr, 2009 – 10:20 | 2 Comments
Did you see Saw?

Saw is being brought to the PS3 by Konami. While not a vast amount is known about the game so far, we have managed to get hold of some in-game shots along with a concept image. Could this be another one of the few great game/film tie-ins?