Virtua Tennis 2009 – the PS3 Attitude Review
Submitted by Brodiesan | Thu, 18/06/09 – 14:56 | 6 Comments

With 2009 now the latest edition in the beloved series, Virtua Tennis has been a stalwart sports sim on consoles since its emergence back on the Sega Dreamcast in 2000. Of course, a lot has changed since those heady days of 128-bit serving and volleying. With this generation’s near photo-realistic graphics, ubiquitous online options and numerous other advances in game-play and design, you’d expect Sega to serve up a vastly enhanced rendition of the popular title.

But have they? Looking at the amount of detail and copious game options available we’d have to say yes and there’s no doubt Virtua Tennis 2009 is a solid and enjoyable tennis sim. But, and there’s always a but, we just feel there is a lack of innovation in the perennial update that suggests that – though Sega have produced a great game for tennis fans – they may not necessarily have made a significantly new one.

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VidZone Videos around 30mb in size
Wednesday, 17 Jun, 2009 – 18:42 | 6 Comments
VidZone Videos around 30mb in size

Ever wondered exactly how much those VidZone videos are eating at your internet connection? Many people these days, particularly from some countries in Europe, have bandwidth limits on their internet from small to large.

They can be a real pest and ISPs often demand additional payments for every GB that users go over.

VidZone team want your pictures!
Monday, 15 Jun, 2009 – 18:29 | 2 Comments
VidZone team want your pictures!

We love Vidzone, and we know that there are a lot of other people who like it too. In fact the team behind the service are fully aware of this and that’s why they want pictures of you guys enjoying the free music video service.

On their @VidZone twitter account, the developers had this to say…

VidZone – PS3 Attitude impressions
Monday, 15 Jun, 2009 – 9:00 | 14 Comments
VidZone – PS3 Attitude impressions

Vidzone is a welcome addition to the six countries that support it from the PAL territory and it offers console owners something never seen before – free, legal and easy access to high quality music videos.

When we first heard about the application coming to Europe last year, it sounded very impressive but as with many new concepts, nobody knew if it could live up to the high expectation behind it.

E3 09; Vidzone PlayStation Blog Europe Interview
Thursday, 4 Jun, 2009 – 15:33 | No Comment
E3 09; Vidzone PlayStation Blog Europe Interview

The launch of Vidzone is only a week away and we are pretty excited as finally we can get access to over 10,000 tracks for free in our living rooms.

The European PlayStation Blog team had a talk with the people behind the service at the Los Angeles convention to find out more about it and their ambitions.

E3 09; Vidzone set to release 11th of June
Tuesday, 2 Jun, 2009 – 23:55 | No Comment
E3 09; Vidzone set to release 11th of June

We were hoping for news of the service to come out of the Sony E3 conference, and it didn’t, but luckily Sony Europe has just announced separately that Vidzone will finally launch next week on the 11th of June.

Vidzone is an online music video service free for the PS3 and we have got really excited after watching recent hands-on experiences from both Gamespot and CVG.

Vidzone to launch June
Wednesday, 6 May, 2009 – 19:42 | 5 Comments
Vidzone to launch June

Today more news has come for the music video service.

Not only will you be able to stream music videos, for free, but concert videos, making ofs, and behind the scenes too making Vidzone sounding like a much more impressive addition than before.

Music videos coming to a European PS3 near you
Thursday, 30 Apr, 2009 – 12:26 | 2 Comments
Music videos coming to a European PS3 near you

We’ve mentioned Vidzone, the free music video service coming to the PS3, in the past but there hasn’t been much of an update as to if this feature was even still in development…until now. The official UK Playstation website has updated to included news regarding this free application.

Should Sony steer away from non-gaming features?
Thursday, 12 Mar, 2009 – 10:01 | 5 Comments
Should Sony steer away from non-gaming features?

Since the PS3 was announced, Sony has continually marketed the console as a multi-media device and not just for gaming.

However the PlayStation brand is so strongly associated with gaming it is not so easy to simply shrug off this image and display a more rounded, entertainment-based persona.

With so many other media options available, should Sony focus only on gaming?